About us

In order for you to get to know us better, we have to tell you about our founder, Ralph Davis. Not too long ago, Ralph was a student at a top college. He was in an exceptionally challenging academic program, participating in student government, working as a community volunteer, and holding down a job. In order to keep all those plates spinning and live up to the high expectations set for him, Ralph hired writing services from time to time.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed time after time. Sometimes he received papers well past the deadline. In other cases, he would receive papers so poorly written that they were virtually useless. Once, he even paid more than a hundred dollars for a paper that never came. Only rarely did he get the help he needed.

Now, Ralph is a graduate, successful entrepreneur, and the owner of this website. His goal is to help students, so they only select quality services that will benefit them personally and academically. He also wants to expose scams and rip-offs so that students won’t be taken advantage of. He is absolutely passionate about academic writing consultancies.

Our Team

Of course, Ralph doesn’t do all this work alone. We’re here to help. We are a team of graduates and students who share his passion for academic assistance. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we bring the following competencies:

  • Understanding of academic writing standards.
  • Ability to validate citations, use of grammar, and proper formatting.
  • The ability to verify that appropriate research sources were used.
  • Knowledge required to determine whether pricing is reasonable.

Also, we are young and tech-savvy. We use this knowledge to evaluate writing website design and customer experience. Our team even researches payment methods, site security, and site content. Check out our reviews. We work hard to dig deep so that you can find help when you need writing assistance.

Why we Help Students Find a Shortcut to Success

We’ve been asked why we help students find companies to help them complete their writing assignments. Some people are quite critical of our efforts. Students should be able to do all of their own work, after all! At least that’s what we are told, but the truth is that good students need help at some point. Some may be able to access expensive tutors. Others have no work or family obligations and can spend nearly unlimited amounts of time studying.

But, what about the students who juggle full course loads, raise families, and work? What about the students who are in exceptionally difficult programs, or involved in athletics? What about ESL students who not only have to master the material but overcome a language barrier? Not all students are privileged enough to get other forms of academic help.

Those are the students we seek to help. We want to help good dedicated students achieve success by working to help them find writing providers when they need a bit of extra assistance. Even better, we do so in an informative, judgement free space.