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Are you one of the many students looking for the best research paper writing service reviews? Then you’re in the right place. We know how hard it can be for a student to juggle studying, college assignments, and personal life. It’s only natural you’ll need some help from the side, and hiring a professional agency to help you out is a great idea. But, you need to know what is the best service you can hire. That is why we write our reviews.

The goal of our reviews is to help you understand what choices you have and make the right one. We do all the googling, investigating, and testing. Then, we present the information to you objectively. This way, we’re saving you the trouble of searching the web and providing fact-based arguments instead.

Choosing the Best Website to Write my Research Paper

Choosing a research paper writing service that you can trust is hard. There are so many factors and criteria to consider. We made our list of the most important criteria to consider when trying to choose the best professional agency for you. Here’s what we feel deserves the most attention.

  • Reputation. An agency’s reputation will tell you a lot about it. Doing a quick online analysis will help you reveal the details that you need. Pay attention to when they were founded and first started doing this type of business. Then, try discovering who’s behind the company, what’s their mission and vision. Also, see if you can track down how many customers they’ve had in the past years and whether there have been any negative experiences.
  • Experience. The next thing I look into when searching for the best website to write my research paper is their experience. This mainly goes to their writers, so read about who they’re hiring. Their writers should be trained and experienced professionals.
  • Reviews. Next, you want to read the reviews to see how other people look at this website objectively. You can find reviews on their official website, but that’s not your best choice for credible unbiased information. Make sure to also check on Reddit, social media, and on neutral reviews websites that dig deep to find facts and credible information about these agencies.
  • Transparency. Finally, you need to be certain that you know exactly how your order placement, payment, and delivery will go. You don’t want any hidden fees or potential problems along the way. So, always look for websites that are fully transparent in terms of every aspect of their business with you.

Best Research Paper Writers: Top 3 Writing Companies

We’ve done a lot of investigating to help you get an idea of the choices you have. We selected the top 3 research paper writing companies that met the criteria we’ve set and passed all our tests. We’ve placed an order with all three and judged them based on our experience.
Here are the results.

1. Writing Universe. It is the first high-quality website that will complete your order easily, for any given college subject you need.  Students first grew to like it due to a huge database of free academic assignment samples in numerous subjects that you can use freely. But, that’s not what caught our attention. WritingUniverse is a trusted and secure writing agency that will respect your privacy and finish your paper confidentially. They write 100% unique and plagiarism-free essays in more than 5000 different categories.

Order placement is simple and transparent. All you need to do is set parameters such as type of paper, subject, topic, writing style, and urgency. They’re able to complete an entire order within a 3-hour deadline, even though this would be a bit pricey. For a basic college-level essay and a 14-day deadline, you’ll need to pay $11.99, which is extremely affordable. It earned its spot on the list of our reviews research paper writing service.

2. Grab My Essay. The next on our list of research paper writing service reviews is Grab My Essay. From Architecture to Social Studies, they’re able to cover it all. The first thing we loved about them is the transparency. You can visit their website and place your order within minutes. After choosing the academic level, subject, number of pages, urgency, and other factors, you’ll see the price per page that you’ll need to pay. There are no hidden fees and order placement is super easy.

This is one of the best research paper writing services in USA, so the price is a bit above average. The price per page starts at around $14 but can go higher for more complex or urgent tasks. They have a live chat option that you can turn to at any given moment, so you’re covered 24/7. You can even attach a file and ask them questions about your potential order.
Finally, this agency is credible and has a ton of positive user reviews that are legit. You don’t need to study their website any further because we’ve placed an order with them and were extremely happy with the overall experience. It’s one of the best websites for writing papers without any doubt.

3. Top Essay Writing. The third website on our list is Top Essay Writing. This is another trusted but affordable agency that students love for its fast delivery and confidentiality. They too have 24/7 customer service that will answer all of your questions quickly and professionally. They cover more than 50 subject areas and have experienced writers you’ll be communicating with during your order placement process. Their initial price per page is $11.99 which makes them competitive on the market.

Also, they do all types of proofreading and editing, in case you just need someone to check on the essay you’ve written. They deserved a spot in our reviews of research paper writing service list fair and square.

Are All Research Paper Writing Services Reviews Real?

Unfortunately, not all reviews that you find online are real. Some reviews are written by the website itself, to falsely present its credibility and try to fabricate positive user reviews. They can do it on their website, but on other platforms such as Reddit or social media as well.

This is why we offer legit research paper writing services reviews, that are objective and strictly based on our actual experience. Each of our claims is backed up with arguments. We present information and facts as they are, without sugar coding or trying to overpraise a website. Therefore, you should choose the reviews you read carefully and pay attention to whether or not they’re legit.

Benefits of Using a Research Paper Writing Service

When you’re hiring a team of professional writers and editors to do your academic assignment, you receive so much more than just an essay. The benefits of using these websites are significant and we’ll cover some of the most important ones.

Here’s what you get by relying on these professionals instead of doing it on your own. First and foremost, the best research paper writer will do your work. You’ll be able to save time and focus on other important daily obligations. Also, you’ll be able to meet even the tightest deadlines in case you forgot about the submission date. Finally, you’ll receive discounts for repetitive orders and improve your grades. Having a professional to handle your academic assignment will be beneficial for you on so many levels. You’ll receive high-quality service for an affordable price.
Key Features for the Best Research Paper Writing Service Reviews

If you’re still not sure why you should hire a professional online agency to do the assignment you can’t do on your own, it’s because you haven’t thought about the key features. The best websites we’ve selected all need to satisfy certain criteria and ensure their customers have the best possible experience. As opposed to hiring an unknown individual to write your college essay, you can’t go wrong with a credible agency. Here are the key features the best ones need to have.

  1. On-Time Delivery. When you decide to place an official order on one of the websites that write research papers for you, you’ll be asked to choose the urgency of this task. It usually goes from 3 hours to 14 days. Once you choose the urgency, you’ll instantly see the deadline that you’re agreeing to. It’s all officially stated and the agency is obliged to respect this agreement. The best ones will finish your order even before this deadline.
  2. Confidentiality & Security. The best research paper writing service will make sure your privacy is protected. They’re not going to share any of your personal information nor let anyone know you’re their customer. Also, they’re not going to use the materials they created for you ever again, so it’ll forever remain plagiarism-free.
  3. Credible Writers. Another important feature that we’ve covered in our research paper writing services reviews is the fact you’ll be assigned an experienced professional writer. These writers need to be native speakers who know everything about academic essays, styles, and rules. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the assignment you’ll receive.
  4. 24/7 Customer Support. In the process of ordering and waiting for your order to be delivered, it might happen that you have questions, issues, or dilemmas. You need these websites to have top-notch customer service that is available at all times. And luckily, the best ones have 24/7 live chat that you can use whenever you feel the need.
  5. Payment Methods. Just like any other e-commerce website, the best research paper writing services in USA will allow you to pay for your order using different payment methods you may like. And, the great thing about these professional agencies is that most of them won’t charge you a dollar until your order is complete. Also, if you’re not happy with the delivered paper, you can ask for a revision that is free of charge.
  6. Policies & Guarantees. When you’re doing business with a professional team of people, you can rest assured that your rights are protected. These agencies all guarantee to refund your money in case the result was not satisfactory, protecting your data, plagiarism-free and unique papers that are of top-quality, as well as free revisions. This means there’s no way for you not to end up happy with the results and all your rights are fully protected.
  7. Affordable Prices. Finally, another key feature that we’ve covered in every research paper writing service review is affordable prices. The great thing about the prices is that they’re determined by the nature of your specific needs. That means that the prices are shaped according to paper type, academic level, urgency, and the number of pages. It’s all very transparent and there are no hidden fees. Plus, you can calculate the price of your order on your own, before placing the order.

Final Thoughts

There’s clearly a lot to think about before hiring companies that write research papers. You want to be sure they’re professional, trustworthy, and ready to take on any academic assignment you may have. This is why you should use the investigative work we’ve already done and read our reviews of research paper writing services. Hopefully, our reviews will guide you in the right direction to choose professional writing service, save you time, and ensure you’re happy with the delivered academic essay.

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