Buying Essays for Cheap: How to Find the Right Company?

OK. You are in a panic. But consider this: when did a panic ever get you to a solution? Probably never. Stop, take a breath, and get yourself calmed down.

You have a number of essay assignments due, and your fear is real. You will not be able to get them all done by their due dates, some of them you don’t even want to do, and even those that are important are just overwhelming right now.

How did you get here? There could be many reasons:

  • You may have signed up for too many challenging courses this semester rather than balancing the “heavy” ones with a couple of easier electives that don’t require so much. Now you are on “assignment overload.”
  • You may be guilty of some procrastination. When you start a semester, and those essay assignments look so far off, it is easy to keep saying, “I’ll get to them. I have plenty of time.” That “plenty of time” is over now, and you wish you could turn back the clock and do things differently. Unfortunately, time travel is not an option.
  • You have given in to too many temptations – pizza and beer nights out with friends, parties, video gaming, binge-watching TV series, and such. Now it’s time to “Pay the piper,” as the saying goes
  • You have never been a great writer, and you find essay writing just too hard – especially when your instructors expect perfection.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are. Your position is critical, and you have to think about how to buy an essay (or two or three) somewhere, from someone who can produce it (or them) quickly and deliver high quality at the same time.

So, Where Do I Go to Buy College Essay Writing?

Buying an essay is not all that easy or simple. You do have options, though:

  • There are large databases of essays and papers out on the web. Now, these are pre-written and have been used by others, so proceed with caution. You may be able to find essays that match the topics you have and that are recent. You can buy essays for cheap with the understanding that you will have to re-write them, so they are “original.” Don’t think for a minute that they will not be checked through detection software. Still, these can be used as models as you write your own. And if they are recent, they can have good resources you can use.
  • You can pay other students to write them. This can be a good plan if you are at the beginning of the semester, and there is plenty of time left. There are students who do write essays for money, but they take their orders early on, so they have plenty of time to do those and their own work too. You are probably not in this position if these deadlines are looming fast.
  • You can try to find freelancers where you can buy essay writing There are big freelance sites that have writing as a category, and there are also more specific sites that have just writers. Just do a Google search, and you will find them. You can post your essay needs on several and then wait for the bids to come. Just be certain that you include the topic, the requirements, and the deadline date. The more specific you can be, the fewer bids you will have to pour through. Once you get those bides, be prepared to act quickly but carefully. You need to speak with them directly and try to get an idea of their history. Some will have websites where you can check out samples of their products. While there is never a guarantee here, you can choose one (or more) that seem to be good.
  • Your fourth, and probably best option, is to find how to buy an essay online from a writing service that has a history of producing top quality writing for students, even when the need is quite urgent. If you can find such a service, your problems are solved, and you will get those essays done and in on time.

How Do I Find a Top-Notch Service Where I Can Buy Essay Papers?

If you had a lot of time, you could spend several weeks looking at online writing companies. There are thousands of them. But, like most large retail industries, there is a huge variance in quality. All of us have experienced this. We buy a product online, only to find that it is either a cheap imitation or so poorly made that we cannot use it. Usually, this is because we have tried to get a bargain. In the end, if we need the product, we end up buying it from a reputable seller and get the quality we want.

Your situation is no different, except that you must find a good writing company with a solid reputation and you must find it now. If you had weeks to research a good number of them, you would be looking for all of the things that we look for when we review online writing services.

  • The written content on the company’s website must be in perfect English. No one should buy essay online from a company that cannot even use proper English on its website, which is supposed to be its selling tool.
  • There should be a full and detailed explanation of all of the products and services the company offers. This is important, because students may have a variety of needs over their schooling years – essays, papers, analyses and reviews, admissions essays, case studies, presentations, homework assignments, lab reports, even graduate level projects. We want to see an agency that can serve students in all of these areas.
  • We want to know how writers are selected for employment and what their degrees and backgrounds are. While this cannot be checked, we do also rely on sample writings the company provides and what actual customers have to say about quality. (We don’t put stock in website testimonials – they are too easy to fake).
  • We always contact the company and talk to customer service agents. And we ask tough and detailed questions. If we get solid quick answers, we know the company has its own agents and is not using an answering service.
  • Pricing is important. If you buy custom essay products, you should expect to pay a reasonable price for the industry. And pricing should be different, depending on the details of the order, the grade level of the student, and the due date.
  • We insist that we see provisions for students and their writers to talk directly to each other. This always helps to guarantee that the final product is what the student wants.
  • There must be written policies with clear guarantees. Students should expect their privacy to be honored at all times; they should expect to have secure payment methods; and they should expect that the company will make changes if what they get is not exactly as they want. We check with customers to make sure that these guarantees are real and honored.
  • When students buy essays online, they should expect that all details of their orders are4 followed, including required formatting. If details are not followed, that must be fixed quickly.

As you see, it takes a lot of time to evaluate the quality of a writing service. You just don’t have that kind of time, and, if others have done this hard work for you, why should you have to bother?

Can I Buy Cheap Essays and Then Just Fix Them?

 No. This is never a good idea. When companies offer cheap prices, what you get will either be plagiarized or so badly written that you will spend hours fixing the piece. Do you have hours, and are your writing skills that great? Just don’t do it.

Buying Essays for Cheap Depends on Your Definition of Cheap

Great writing services also understand that students live on tight budgets. They define “cheap” as the best possible price they can give and still make sure that the product is not “cheap” in quality. There is an industry average for students who buy college essay writing, and that tends to run between $12-$15 a page if there is a reasonable deadline. The more urgent the deadline, the more it will cost.

Let Us Help You

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