Essay Writing Help: Answers to All Crucial Questions from Students

College is full of grand experiences. Students are exposed to more diverse surroundings than they grew up with; they have far more independence than ever; they do not have parents or teachers standing over their shoulders, making sure that they get their assignments finished and handed in. And in high school, you probably got second chances if an assignment was not done well.

Even non-traditional students enter an entirely new “world” when they enter college. They are thrust into a classroom environment with all ages, and many have not been in school for quite some time, and they will now need to get back into the teaching-learning mode.

Both of these groups will face essay writing in almost all of their courses. And the expectations for research and writing will be much more rigorous than those from high school. While Wikipedia may have been fine as a resource then, it is certainly not now. And while writing style may not have been too difficult then, sentence structures, word usage, vocabulary, and overall sophistication must be at a new level.

There is also the issue of the sheer number of essays you may have to produce in a semester. It may seem like there is always an essay to be working on, along with lots of other things – attending classes, other homework assignments, exams, maybe a job, a family, a social life, and more.

Clearly, you may need some essay help.

Where Do I Go for Essay Writing Help On Campus? 

If you are determined to develop the required skills and to write your own essays, we applaud you. In this case, you should make use of the English writing lab that most campuses have. Here, you will find a type of tutoring help as you go through each stage of the essay writing process:

  • They can help you identify and narrow a topic based upon the general subject area you have been assigned
  • They can look over the research that you have done and assist you in developing a strong thesis statement
  • They can help you organize your research into clear sub-topics that can then be used to craft an outline for writing your rough draft.
  • You will write your rough draft; they will help you revise and edit it
  • You will write the final version, and they will help you review it again for any errors in composition or formatting.
  • You’ll end up with a piece that will be polished and ready to submit

Notice, though, that you will be doing the work on this essay. The “tutor” is only there to help you get through it.

Now, multiply that amount of time by five – that is the minimum number of essays you will be producing in a given semester if you are a full-time student. Do you have this kind of time?

There is another on-campus solution, and that would be finding other students who give essay writing help in the form of actually writing essays for money. If you can find them, and if you can give them lots of time to get those essays done, you have a solution for at least some of your essay assignments.

Can I Get Essay Writing Help Online?

Sure. Just Google “essay help online,” and you will have thousands of results – that’s right – thousands. This is how big this industry has become. If you decide to go the route of getting help to write an essay, then understand that these resources will actually write the essay for you, not just help you write your own. That can be very attractive, if you are really “underwater” right now, with so many of them coming due.

But how will you pick the right option from all of these proposed solutions? Everyone who wants your business will tell you how wonderful they are and how they can produce an amazing, original, and custom essay for you. But you need to also understand that a lot of these sources do lie to you.

Think about it. How many times have you bought something online that proved to be a big disappointment? We’ve all experienced this. But making this kind of mistake with your essay writing could be more disastrous – it can mean a bad grade.

Among the online resources you have, there are freelancers, and there are writing service companies.

  • Freelancers

These are individuals who either market themselves or, more often, register on large freelance sites. You can go to these sites and search for academic writing freelancers, and post a “job” with all of the details of what you need. The more specific you can be when you post that job, the better off you are. You don’t want a huge number of freelancers responding – just those who believe they can write the custom essay you need. When you get those responses, you will want to carefully check these people out. The best ones will usually have their own websites and portfolios for you to link to. Start with these.

  • Online Writing Services

Over the past 20 years, this sector of e-commerce has just exploded. In fact, it has gotten so big that students find themselves in an ocean of options but no way to know which ones are really good and which ones are just plain bad or fraudulent. And students don’t even know how to go about checking these companies out to see if they really deliver what they promise. Add to that the time pressure they are under to get their essays written, and you have very frustrated students who may be willing to take big risks.

How, then, Do I Get Good Assistance Online? 

Well, you can work a lot “smarter” here. One way is to take advantage of the work we have already done in evaluating online writing services and reporting our findings in a clear, honest, and objective way. If you access our reviews and summaries, you will be able to skip the crazy process of trying to do this all on your own. If you are looking for college essay help that is going to give you a good result, then you should see our ratings, our summaries, and our recommendations for the best companies that are out there.

So, Will You Help Me Write an Essay?

No. Our job is to give you factual information on the best, the average, and the worst writing agencies. Your job is to review all of our information and then make a choice based upon your individual needs. You can do this rather quickly and get an order placed and in production.

If you need help writing an essay, then we are here to help you find that perfect solution.