Looking for Professional Essay Writers: Pros and Cons

Everyone remembers writing paragraphs in elementary school. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “What was your favorite Christmas present?” By middle school, the topics become a bit more sophisticated. Book reviews are a common type of essay. In English class, students begin to learn of all the different types of essays and practice writing them – narrative, descriptive, cause/effect, comparison/contrast, argumentative, and persuasive.

By high school, the same types of essays are also required. By this time, though, students are writing them in classes other than English, and many will involve research. And in college, essay writing continues, topics become even more complex, and research more involved.

In short, every student has been an essay writer since elementary school.

But now, in college, students face new challenges with essay writing:

  • Tasks are longer and more complex
  • They are assigned in virtually every course
  • They always involve research
  • The resources must be much more scholarly
  • Instructors will not assist or allow second chances
  • Essays become a larger part of a final grade and are thus more important
  • Scholarly, perfect writing is expected

These challenges are coupled with others that many college students face:

  • Many have just taken course loads that are just too tough
  • Some are poor time managers. Without parents and teachers keeping them on track and organized, they can end up facing deadlines they cannot meet
  • Others are natural procrastinators – they just put things off until the last minute. If they have to rush through essays, those pieces will not be well-written
  • Students often give in to temptations and distractions. There are always those Netflix series, video games, and nights out with friends.
  • There are lots of other responsibilities – jobs, family, class attendance, homework assignments, exams, and more
  • Lots of students just don’t like to write, and they are not good at it.
  • There can be multiple essays due at about the same time, and students can just become overwhelmed. Sometimes, this stress turns into burnout. That can be disastrous because you lose motivation and energy. In fact, 40% of college students never finish their degrees. The second most given reason for that is burnout.

Don’t you be a statistic in that dropout rate. If you are underwater on your essay assignments, get help.

Where Can I Get Help with My Essays?

This depends upon what kind of help you want or need.

  • Write your own, even though you know they are not very good, and then go to the campus writing lab and have one of their tutors help you fix it up. This will help you improve your writing skills in the long run. But if you are facing urgent deadlines, this is not a good solution.
  • Write your own, even though you know there are errors in structure, grammar, etc., and then use a couple of online essay writers You can upload your essay, and the software will find the errors. And some of these apps have premium, paid versions that will show you how to fix those errors. Just like the writing lab solution, though, this is not a quick solution. You still have to do the research and the writing first.
  • You can actually find essay writers online who will produce an entire piece for you, from start to finish. There are loads of freelancers registered on large job boards like Upwork, and you can search by category and then post your essay need. You’ll get bids; you’ll have to look over the candidates, maybe have a discussion with some of them; and you will then choose one who you believe can meet your requirements. There are also smaller job boards just for writers. You can find these with a simple search and maybe check those out too.
  • You can also find professional essay writers through academic writing services. And, just like freelancers, a simple search will give you thousands of them. The good companies will have essay writers with degrees in specific fields of study and lots of experience writing essays and papers for students at all grade levels.

The beauty of this solution is that, once you find one of those good ones, your writing troubles are over. Not only can you find a writer for what you need this moment, but you can go back whenever you need to with future orders for other pieces of writing. No more searching every time you need something – another essay, a research paper, book review, or admission essay, even case studies, lab reports, and graduate level projects. A lot of them also offer help with homework assignments in STEM fields.

How Do I Find the Good Companies that have Professional Essay Writers

That’s the issue today. This industry has become so big that there are a lot of really poor options out there. Some “bad actors” have gotten into this business. They prey upon desperate students; they offer a cheap essay writer; they use unqualified writers, usually foreigners who work for pennies on the dollar; they deliver writing products that are inferior and cannot be used. When students complain, they don’t respond. All of their promises are lies.

What these bad actors rely on is volume and one-time customers. They don’t expect any customers to return, but there are enough “suckers” out there, that they have a steady flow of orders and still make money.

How Do I Figure Out the Cheap Essay Writers Companies to Avoid? 

There are clues on their websites.

  • Read the content on their site pages. Usually, it will be poorly written with grammar and word usage errors. This means they are owned by foreigners. But foreigners in this business are not always bad people. There are some that hire English-speaking academics and run a good operation. But if a company has not taken the time to get one of those writers to produce its content in good English, you can be sure they are also using foreign writers
  • Look at the pricing. If you are able to get a college essay written for less than $15 a page, be very suspicious.
  • Look at the samples they publish on their site. Are they written in solid, scholarly English? If not, get out of there immediately. They are using foreign writers.

So, An Essay Writer Cheap is Usually a Bad Choice?

Yes, it is. If you take the time to think about it, why would great essay writers work for a company that would pay them so little? Suppose you were someone with a skill that is in high demand – maybe website design. What company would you choose to work for? You would go with the one that will offer the best pay, of course. Writers are no different. The best essay writers will go with the company that offers them what they are really worth.

How, then, Do I Find Professional Essay Writers Online? 

If you decide to do this investigation on your own, you will spend a lot of time looking at the online essay writer service. You will be looking for companies that have great website content, reasonable pricing, and samples that reflect scholarly research and writing. You will be looking for guarantees that you can speak directly with the assigned writer, confidentiality, safe payment methods, and proof that the piece you get is original and customized. All of this investigation takes a lot of time and, even then, you can end up with a dud.

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