Essay Writing Services for Students’ Needs: Myth or Reality?

If you are in need of some help with your essay or paper writing assignments, you might be considering finding an online essay writing service. And your reasons may or may not be like those of your peers who are also looking for the same. Pick your poison:

  • You are facing too many essays with short deadlines
  • You have been assigned essays that just don’t interest you at all. These are usually in courses that are required for your degree but that have no relationship to your major field of study. If you are a History major, for example, how excited can you get over producing an essay in your Biology class?
  • You’ve been a “party animal” lately, and now reality is closing in
  • You’ve overloaded yourself on challenging courses, and those instructors are all demanding tough research essays. Now, you are wishing you had taken a PE class instead.
  • You’ve pulled lots of extra hours at your part-time job because you needed the money. While all those hours have expanded your bank account, you are now scrambling to finish your essay assignments. It’s stressful, and you are worried you’ll never get them all finished.
  • You know your writing skills are not the greatest. In fact, you hate the thought of doing the research, putting it all together, crafting that outline, and then getting on that screen and actually composing the piece.
  • You are a “sucker” for distractions – that Netflix series, that buddy presenting a new video game, or your roommate who insists you go out for pizza and beer. It’s so easy to give in at that moment and throw your responsibilities aside for another day. Not a good idea.

Reality sets in. You now know that you cannot possibly complete all of these essays on time, and so you are looking for an essay service to take on some of this coursework load for you. But if you are new to this “world” of online essay writing service businesses, you probably don’t know where to begin to look for an essay writing firm that will do right by you.

So Where Do I Begin to Seek Out an Essay Writer Service that Will Do Me Right?

There is no easy answer to this question. Of course, you want an online writing source that will give you original writing. Your task will pass plagiarism-detection software, it will be well-researched and will adhere to your specific instructions regarding length, source materials, formatting, etc. You know exactly what you want. Now, the job is to find the company that will actually give this to you, no matter what your topic, and no matter how urgently you need it produced and delivered.

You begin by going online and doing a generic search. You may not be ready for this, but you will soon see that the results number in the thousands – all of them offering the very best writing products and services you can find anywhere. How do you figure out which ones are legit? Do you even know what to look for? In this business, there are a good amount of unethical companies, many downright fraudulent. In general, we can point to a few things you will see from the best essay writing services:

  • Their websites will be well-organized and easy to navigate
  • Important information about all of the products and services offered will be clear and details
  • The written text on the website will be written in perfect English – after all, this will be the first impression that a visitor will have
  • There will be written policies. And these will provide certain guarantees to customers, among them original and customized writing that will belong only to the customer and never used or distributed anywhere else, confidentiality, satisfaction, communication with the writer, and fully secure payment processes, using major bank cards and other reputable platforms, like PayPal.
  • There should be samples of writers work to review. And these should have current and scholarly resources.
  • The company should have a good reputation online. Many have their own social media accounts; many should have good feedback on recognized and reputable review sites. Company-published testimonials on the essay writing website are not verifiable.
  • Pricing should be clear, and a student should know exactly what he will pay for his order before he clicks “submit.” And prices should vary, based upon several criteria. A high school student who wants a basic descriptive essay in 14 days should pay much less than a college student in need of a research essay in 3 days.
  • Customers should have access to the company support department at any time. Never trust a writing firm that does not have at least two ways of contact – preferably phone and live chat. And run away from any company that does not allow you to speak directly with your writer. If you are seriously considering using a service, call the support department and ask questions about products and services. A well-trained internal staff will be able to answer you quickly and easily.

Clearly, you have a lot to investigate. And it all takes valuable time from students who need a pro essay writing service right now. More on that later.

What Does a Professional Essay Writing Service Charge? 

Cost is certainly a major factor for many students. They have tight budgets and must make every dollar count. There is an old saying, though, that you should remember – actually two. One is, “Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish,” and “you get what you pay for.” Both are saying the same thing. If you go with the bargain price, then very likely you are going to get poor quality, no matter what you might be buying.

The bottom line is this: if you wonder a cheap reliable essay writing service does exist, our answer would be, “let’s define cheap.”

Taking a Look at a Cheap Essay Writing Service

We have done enough research into writing companies to have a good handle on what constitutes average pricing for the good agencies. You should expect to pay around $15-per-page for a college-level piece with a 10-day deadline. Companies that offer significantly less are probably not going to deliver high-quality work. If you think about it logically, you should understand why. High-quality writers will demand top pay. They will go with companies that pay well.

Those who work for cheap companies may not have degrees, at least from English-speaking universities, and many are non-native English-speaking themselves. They will misuse words, have poor sentence structures, along with spelling and punctuation errors.

If you use companies whose essay writing websites have poor English writing and cheap prices, the bargain you get will also result in a piece of crap writing that you won’t want to submit.

If you are on a tight budget, and you still intend to use professional essay writing services (and get those good grades), then understand that you must “cut corners” somewhere else. Better to skip buying that new pair of Nikes, and, instead, put that money toward your writing orders.

Which is the Best Essay Writing Service to Use? 

We do not want to recommend any specific writing company as the “best.” Student needs vary a great deal, and they must make their own decisions about which company is best suited for their unique situations. Sometimes, for example, this varies by academic level. There are some solid writing agencies that only serve high school and early college students. There are others that only serve graduate students. And still, others only serve graduate students. There are also variances among the types of products and services specific services will offer – maybe only essays and papers; maybe only graduate research projects; maybe only homework completion. While one of the criteria we use in evaluating assessing firms is how comprehensive their product line is, we also take into account that there are exceptional companies that specialize. Again, each student must decide for himself, based upon both short-term and long-term needs.

Do You Separate the Professional Service from the Poor One?

Yes, and our ratings and reviews of essay services will show this. We have established criteria that we have developed over many years, and all companies are judged by those same factors. Students can come to our site and read our reviews on numerous writing firms. They can also ask that we conduct an evaluation of a firm that we have not yet done. Meanwhile, you are welcome to take a good look at our top picks and decide if there might be a match for what you need right not. We also urge you, though, to think in terms longer than just your immediate need.

What Do You Mean By Thinking Long-Term in a Writing Essays Service?

You have a need for one or two essays right now. But what about next semester or the semester after that? What might you need then? If you take a biology course, will you need lab reports? If you take a business or social science course, will you need case studies? How about book reviews or literary analyses? Are you going to grade school? How about those personal statement admissions essays? And once you get into grad school, how about research projects, a thesis, or a dissertation? You may need help with several of these too.

And here’s the thing: if you can find a comprehensive and professional writing company now, you will not have to scramble to look for another one when your next need arises. You will have a single “go-to” place for anything you might need. So, we urge all visitors and users of our review/evaluation website to look for a long-term solution.

Do You Just Evaluate Writing Companies?

Investigating and evaluating essay writing services is our primary mission. We want students to find the research and writing help they need – it’s all about their success. So, we do the deep research, rate4 these agencies on several factors, and then write a more detailed summary of our findings. These reviews are open to anyone who visits our site.In addition to our reviews and tips on choosing an essay writing company, we also have an active blog. Here, you will find worthwhile articles on anything from becoming a better writer to diet and health, time management, budgeting, relationships in a college environment, along with strategies for improving your own writing. We urge you to look through our blog – you will find lots of interesting pieces.

Feel free to read our tips and start participating in our community of satisfied students. We are here to help you.