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We provide reviews of writing services. Students often have questions. These are the most common.

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The founder was once a student who had negative experiences with online writing services. He paid good money for writing help and was very rarely satisfied with the results. Worse, there was nothing he could do. Instead of getting help, he got papers he had to fix. Now, he works with other students to review service providers. The good ones earn our professional endorsement. We are also able to warn students away from scams and low quality sites.

Any company that provides goods and services to the public is subject to fair criticism. There are no regulations that protect a writing service from negative commentary. Of course, this doesn’t apply to statements that are untrue. Because any negative reviews we write are based on our actual experiences and research, they are protected. Also, keep in mind that we aren’t here to drag any business ‘through the mud’. We are quite happy every time we find a service that truly deserves praise.

We take a variety of factors into consideration before we write and publish a review. We consider our own experience of receiving and reviewing a paper, exploring the site, reading policies, and comparing prices. In addition to that, we conduct online research, read other reviews, and reach out to past customers. Then, we present the information to our readers.

Yes, they can, but now how you might think. Some review sites accept advertising dollars. Others are owned by one or more of the services they review. That’s not the case here. If you own or manage an online writing service, you can obtain a positive review for your company. All you have to do is provide worthy papers to students, charge fair prices, treat customers fairly, and ensure your website is secure and well-designed.

If you’ve received a negative review and have made improvements, please let us know. We’re always willing to consider positive changes. The more options students have when it comes to great writing providers, the better.

Please do! We are here to help you. The more feedback and insights we get, the better. We want to create the best resource online for students who seek help with academic assignments. The more we know, the better we are. Whether you agree with our assessment of a writing service or not, let us know. All points of view are welcome here. However, in order to have your information considered, we’ll need evidence that you have placed an order for services.

We’ve made it really easy to find and read reviews here. Professional designers have worked hard to make our site easy to navigate. All you have to do is click on a listed service to read the review. We also rank sites according to quality. As we continue to build our site, we’ll add more great content. Eventually, we want to be your single resource for writing service reviews and content that is relevant to students.

When you do read our reviews, pay close attention to information about legitimacy, services, and pricing. At the end of each write-up, we give a summary. This will contain our final recommendation.

We guarantee that we diligently research each service. We also guarantee that every detail we provide reflects real life experiences. However, we cannot guarantee that your experience will match ours. Also, keep in mind that recommendation means that the writing provider meets our standards. That doesn’t mean they are the precise writing company for your needs. You must consider your own situation and expectations. Then make a responsible choice based on your needs, research you conduct, and the experiences that we share.

That depends. We won’t change or remove a review simply because a reader disagrees with it. However, we do value your feedback. If you find a factual inaccuracy, for example, we will work to fix that in our review. We may also consider conducting a new evaluation if we receive enough feedback from students that is in contrast to our original review.

Just keep in mind that any changes made will be the result of our own research and the review of a new written work. We will not be influenced by brigading, and anyone engaging in this behavior will be removed from our site.

We want to present information that is accurate and relevant. We frequently double-check items and update them as needed. However, we cannot control when or how often a writing service might change its prices, policies, or service offerings. Because of this, you should verify information that is likely to change over time.