Find Your Best Grammar Checker Online Among These Reviews

Know why you need the best grammar checker tool? Whether you are a student with consistent and regular writing assignments or a small business owner who needs to write content for a website, blog, or marketing materials, your grammar must be perfect. Instructors can be very picky about grammar, no matter what course they are teaching. And readers of business content can be highly turned off if that content is filled with grammatical errors. After all, if a business owner cannot take the time to write well, how good will the product/service being offered or the customer service be?

Fortunately, your challenges with the English language don’t have to result in a poor grade or turn off customers. There are now online grammar check tools that will make all the necessary corrections to your writing.

Just What are Grammar Check Websites and Tools?

Not long after the Internet became such a huge resource for information, research, and communication, online businesses exploded, offering products and services to a huge consuming audience.

It was only a matter of time until entrepreneurs began to see opportunities to offer products and services to students – everything from selling essays and papers to offering the services of professional writers to craft original pieces of writing and more to busy and/or overwhelmed students.

At the same time, business owners had to develop content for their online presences, and many were not skilled writers. They, too, could now get online writing help from professionals.

Another service offered to students and businesses is that of grammar checker websites and tools. Individuals could craft their own writing products and then submit them to such sites or use available tools for full editing of their pieces. Today, these are abundant, and, like anything, there are great, average, and poor such services/tools.

The key will be to find the best grammar checker for your needs. With that in mind, we have reviewed numerous of these websites and software tools and have identified the top 10 that we think can serve your purposes.

Best Grammar Checkers

Read through these grammar check software reviews. Each one represents an extensive evaluation of what they offer, ease of use, quality of results as reported by actual users, and the results of our own “test.” We uploaded a piece of an essay text, had the programs “do their thing” and then evaluated accuracy and recommendations/suggestions relative to spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, sentence structure, style, etc.

Here are the results of all that we learned.

1. Ginger Software

Ginger states that it is the premier grammar checker tool in the business. And those who use it regularly rave about all that can be done, some saying that it is the best grammar checker online that they have ever used. Its technology is AI-powered, and it offers a large variety of options for checking everything from spelling and grammar to contextual errors and a re-phrasing tool that can add more variety to a customer’s style.

To use Ginger, you must install the Ginger Chrome extension. Still, you can use any word-processing program or even WordPress for analysis and use it in various apps that you might be using to compose your text – even social media and emails.

Ginger is not the best grammar checker free, however. In fact, the free version will only give you a dictionary and a translation feature, should a business want its content to appeal to a Spanish-speaking audience, for example. Beyond that, all the other grammar checker features are only available via a premium version, with plans that begin at $12.48/month if you subscribe for a full year.

Here is an example of Ginger’s re-phrasing feature:


The text we submitted was analyzed very well, correcting all of the deliberately placed errors in the content. We understand why many consider it one of the best grammar checker websites around.


  • User-friendly interface
  • It will proofread as you compose, saving lots of time
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Pricing is reasonable compared to similar grammar checker tools


  • Free version only provides a dictionary and translation

2. Grammarly

Grammarly has long been considered to be the best grammar checker app. This tool offers critical features for free, primarily spelling, vocabulary, and typical grammatical errors, such as commas, fragments, and run-ons along with recommendations for fixing errors. It is especially valued by students on tight budgets. For many students and businesses, the basic edition is enough, for they have relatively good writing skills. While Grammarly spell check is the most touted feature of the basic free app, there is much more, such as a punctuation check:

grammarly app

We also uploaded our “test” content to the basic feature, with some deliberate errors. Here are the “fixes” and recommendations we got. They were spot on with these:

grammarly app review

The premium versions of Grammarly go beyond this. They will point out many more grammatical and composition errors and provide “fixes.” They will also provide explanations of why the content is incorrect and why the correction is needed.

Individuals and companies must decide if they want any of the premium versions, and that will depend on their own writing expertise. Grammarly can do it all. Pricing on the premium versions begins at $11.66, if purchased as an annual subscription. And for these versions, customers can expect to get the features of an advance grammar checker, which will include such things as sentence structures and style analyses.


  • The app installs quickly and will work in email, any word-processing programs, social media, etc., without any configuration
  • User-friendly dashboards for all versions
  • Reasonable pricing for premium versions
  • Users can save all of their previous pieces and access them on any device


  • Those with Microsoft 10 or 11 will have to disable the S protection to download Grammarly on their device. And that cannot be reversed.

Overall, Grammarly is one of the best online grammar checker tools, especially its premium versions.

Comparing Grammarly vs. Ginger Grammar Checker Reviews

As we looked at customer reviews of these two grammar checker tools, we read the same words of praise. Both are at the “top” of their game in serving the academic needs of students and the content needs of the business. The biggest difference, of course, is that the free basic Ginger package is quite limited, while the Grammarly basic package addresses several common grammar issues that writers face. This difference is certainly pointed out by those who have provided a Ginger grammar check review, and all customers who have used the premium versions of both of these checkers appear to have the same high praise for the services they receive.

3. Language Tool

Here is a top grammar checker that has most of the needed features in its basic free package. The one limitation is that the user is limited to a piece with no more than 20,000 characters. Obviously, this is not usable for lengthy essays, papers, or blog posts.

Another nice feature of this tool is that when a correction is made, a box at the top of the page automatically gives the explanation for the change in plain view.

Language Tool also supports a large number of other languages – especially useful for businesses that are marketing to foreign audiences.


And here is a screen shot of our “test” copy with suggestions:

languagetool review


  • The basic version will satisfy most needs of students and companies
  • The paid version is relatively cheap if purchased for a year or more
  • Many languages supported
  • Explanations provided automatically
  • Lots of add-ons and plugins


  • Limitations of character count in the basic version
  • App may not be fully compatible with all word-processing programs, but there is an online version for this

Language Tool is clearly one of the best free online grammar checker resources we have found.

4. White Smoke

The unique feature of White Smoke is that it has three versions, depending on the devices and programs the customer is using. Desktop Premium is for Windows users and web-based browsers. WhiteSmoke Web, is internet-based and is just an online version of Desktop Premium. The third product is for mobile devices, through a downloaded app.

No version is free, but the cost is reasonable and based on which features a user may need. Multi-year subscriptions are cheaper.

This tool will not only correct spelling, punctuation and grammar but also has a built-in plagiarism checker.



  • Flexible pricing based upon features options
  • Plagiarism-checker
  • Supports several languages


  • No free version
  • Do we think this is one of the best grammar checking software tools? Yes, and reviews from actual customers seem to agree with us.

5. Hemingway App

If you want one of the best online grammar checkers, you will want to look closely at Hemingway App. The best way to use this app is to write your copy using a word-processing program or WordPress and paste them into the checker.

Here is how Hemingway describes its tool:

hemingway app review

If you use the online version, it is always free. To get a desktop version, you’ll pay $19.99 for the installation, but it is then yours forever.

We consider it one of the best grammar software tools because it really “cleans up” writing that is too complex, that has too much “fluff” and that corrects passive voice. If you want neat, clean writing, this is the tool you want.


  • You get a readability score, something that companies with blogs and marketing content need
  • The desktop version doesn’t require an internet connection
  • It is always free unless you purchase the desktop version


  • It may not be suitable for upper-level academic works, in which sentence structures will naturally be more complex.

6. Pro-Writing Aid

Here is how Pro-Writing Aid describes itself:


And its wide range of features makes it one of the best grammar check websites for both students and businesses. The easy-to-read reports will tell you where you need to improve.

There are three versions of this tool. Users may opt for the free one-year version and can get a check on 19 pieces of 500 words. The premium and premium plus versions are still cheap and provide lots more features, such as a style check and integrations with all word processing and web-based browsers and programs, along with up to 50 plagiarism checks per year.

We pasted in our test document and got an immediate report regarding percentages of the main goals. Then clicking on any of the specific goals reports will provide the details of what needs to be fixed.

prowritingaid review


  • Reports that are easy to read and good detail for corrections
  • Paid versions are very reasonable
  • Thesaurus tool lets you vary the wording


  • Free version only allows pieces of 500 words or less
  • Grammar software reviews of Pro-Writing Aid from customers are highly positive.

7. Citation Machine

Unintentional plagiarism is a problem for students. It is so easy to include the words and ideas of others in a paper and overlook the need to cite the resource in a proper way. And it can have devastating consequences.

Here is one place where this tool comes in handy. It will check for plagiarism and point it out while it is also proofreading your piece for grammatical, spelling, and even style errors.
There are both free and paid versions of this tool:


Obviously, the paid version is far superior, and if you want a full review of a piece you have written, along with creation of citations and bibliography, then you will want the premium paid version. Not only will you get one of the best spelling and grammar check tools out there, but you will have your own personal proofreader that comes with recommendations for improvement in style and structure.


  • A comprehensive array of services that make it one of the best grammar check software tools.
  • Citation generator
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Free version is really limited

We like the good pricing that will fit a student’s budget. And the feedback that we have read from students who use Citation Machine is quite positive.

8. Scribens

If you are looking for a rather bare-bones tool, then Scribens is one of the best grammar and spell checker tools you will find. And it is free, with a huge number of apps for download.

scribens review

Scribens claims that it catches far more grammar and spelling errors than Microsoft Word, but some customer reviews are mixed, stating that the tool did miss some spelling errors. Hence, we cannot advise it as the best grammar corrector in the market.


  • It’s always free
  • It supports a huge number of platforms
  • It’s user-friendly


  • It doesn’t provide reports or a plagiarism check
  • It isn’t perfect
  • No translation available

Is Scribens the best grammar and spell checker? No, but it is an option for students and businesses that need a simple solution to simpler writing. We downloaded the app for Windows 10 but were then prompted to add Guardian Protection before we could check out test content, and there was a cost for that.

9. Reverso

Reverso is more of a translation tool, as opposed to a grammar checker. But it does offer these services as well, in the form of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is a free tool because it is supported by ads. And it’s easy to use. Just paste your content in and get your results.

reverso review

Once the “check” box is clicked, the software tool kicks in and will point out errors that are in the text. It will also point out passive voice and make suggestions for change. Users can also choose between American and UK English.

We were not able to paste in our test content because there is a limitation of 600 characters. Obviously, it is only useful for very short pieces of text, perhaps emails. It does have a mobile app too.


  • It is accurate
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great for translation


  • Character restrictions are limiting
  • Ads can be distracting
  • No plagiarism checker

In sum, we can say that Reverso is one of the best online grammar check sources if users only want very short snippets of content evaluated. It is safe to use but has no human editor available.

10. Grammar Check

Grammar check is actually an off-shoot of Grammarly, as it uses the same software. Users have an option to use the free check by pasting their text in and getting the results. If they choose the “deep check” option, they are re-directed to Grammarly paid option. There are no apps or plugins, and this tool can only be used via a web or mobile browser. But it does offer almost everything that you will find with the free Grammarly option, other than a plagiarism check and summary reports.

We entered our test text into the tool and clicked the “free check” box. Evidently, it was “out of commission” at the time we tried, for it did not perform the check.


  • Has most of the features that Grammarly provides for free
  • Identifies errors and suggests changes
  • High word limits


  • Not as accurate as Grammarly
  • No plagiarism checker

In sum, Grammar Check is probably one of the best online grammar check tools because it uses the Grammarly software.

A Professional Grammar Check is Important

If you don’t need the services of a professional writer, but you do face some challenges with grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., then using a grammar check tool will give you the polish and accuracy that your writing needs. This is true for both an academic piece for an instructor and content for a consuming audience. You want perfection, and this is a means to get that. On the other hand, if you need a writer, then you need to look into the best writing services online to find one that offers the type of writing you need.

What is the Best Free Grammar Checker?

It is impossible to say which is the best tool for everyone. It certainly depends upon what individual needs are. For the free versions, it will be important to check which specific features are offered. For example, if you need a plagiarism check or translation, you will have to do a bit of research to make sure you get those with a free version you are considering. Reading these grammar check software reviews will reduce your search time.


Loader image

Grammarly seems to be the most popular, probably because it has been around a long while and users give overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is known for its accuracy, recommendations for making changes, and for its many features with the free version. But, there are other grammar checkers that do a fine job too. You need to identify what you need most, let’s say the best spell checker, and then read these reviews to find one that provides 100% accuracy.

Again, we can only say that you have to find the best grammar checker for your individual needs. Check out the free features of those checkers we have reviewed, and choose one that has all of the features you want or need.

As of this writing, Grammarly is probably the most popular and best grammar correction tool. But there are other tools that are also highly popular. Sometimes, what is popular with students will not be so much with businesses and vice versa. Again, we urge you to read the reviews, check out the features, and find what is good for you.

This may depend on what platforms you want to use and if, for example, you will be using mobile devices or want to use the app offline. Only you know what your needs are. Identify them and then choose one with the access you need.