Working with a Professional Paper Helper: Pros and Cons

Students who take a full load of tough coursework in a semester face a rough road. Why? Because every one of those courses will involve producing essays and papers, and often more than one during that semester. So, you cannot go back and change what you registered for, and now you are facing this overload of paper assignments that are overwhelming. And there are other issues too:

  • You have a job and/or family obligations that take time from your school work
  • You know you have time management issues and often put things off until the pressure is on to meet those deadlines at the last minute. Even a few all-nighters won’t get the job done
  • You just don’t want to produce some of these papers because the courses or topics are not in your major field of study or of any interest – your motivation is at a really low level, and so you just put them off
  • You are suffering from burnout, which is a common condition among students – symptoms include lethargy and lack of motivation in general. And some of the causes also relate to lack of sleep and poor diet – things that are also common among students. The overall result is poor school performance.

You have a choice to make if any of these apply to you. You can slug along and do a pretty poor job on your papers, or you can decide to get paper writing help from someone or someplace else.

What Are My Options for Getting Help with Writing Paper Assignments?

For decades, students have been looking for help writing a paper. Long before the Internet was alive, they looked around to see if they could pay other students to write their papers. And there always have been students with the skills to pump these out, as long as they have had the time. If you choose to go this route, then be prepared to give those students plenty of advance notice, so they can plan to meet your deadlines along with their own.

Once the Internet was alive, other options for paper help became available:

  • Some enterprising students saw money to be made. They advertised for students to submit their essays and papers to a large database, and then sold them to other students, paying the writers some and keeping some profit for themselves. This became quite a good business for a while. Unfortunately, the development of plagiarism-detection software put the skids to these operations. If a piece of writing is anywhere on the web, this software will find it, and a plagiarism charge can have pretty bad consequences.
  • Enter the world of freelance writers. Once students realized that paper help had to include original pieces of writing, they began to look for writers who advertised on the web, especially if they could not find fellow students to help out. And once freelancers got wind of the need for academic writing, they began to market themselves for that category of writing. Many of them advertise individually, with their own websites and portfolios. Most, though, register themselves on freelancer websites that are well-known. Students can thus access such a site, post their writing need in detail, and then accept bids from registered freelancers. Once those bids are in, it is the responsibility of the student to look into those bidders’ backgrounds, experience, and success rates. With luck, they will choose wisely and get a product that will meet the expectations of their instructor.
  • Student needs for essays, papers, and other writing assignments soon gave rise to online academic writing services. These grew gradually at first but now have exploded on the scene, as the demand for paper help has increased by over-stressed students. These services promise a paper writing helper who has great background and experience in a specific topic area, for any order a student may place. If you need help writing a paper, this can be a great option. The issue, of course, is finding a company that actually delivers what it promises. Like any e-commerce business, there are players that are great, rather average, and just plain bad. And your job is to separate these out as best you can and try to pick a writing service company that will actually deliver the quality you need. This is not an easy task, given that there are literally thousands of players in this business.

How do I Separate the Papers Writing Help That is Quality vs. the Bad Guys?

First, you have to understand that the “bad guys” are more numerous than the good ones. This is such an easy business to set up that a lot of unscrupulous actors have gotten into it. Think about it. You can set up a website, say that you are offering top-notch help with writing papers, make all sorts of promises about having the best writers to be found, and then actually use poor foreign students who are hungry for money. They will access databases of existing writing products, pick one that matches your order, and then try to re-write that piece so that plagiarism is not detected. The result is usually a poorly-written piece, replete with poor grammar and composition, and often resources that are old. You will end up with something you cannot possibly submit, and you are also out of the money you have laid out.

You need to know how to figure out which companies are actually reputable when you need help writing a paper. Here are some basic guidelines that you can use:

  • Read the entire contents of a company’s website. Is the English composition good? If you see lots of grammar errors in that writing, what kind of help with writing papers do you think you are actually going to get? If a company cannot even use proper English on its website, it certainly is not using writers that will deliver that good writing either. If it has great writers, one of them will have composed that content.
  • Ignore the posted testimonials on the company website. Most are faked anyway.
  • A professional company will almost always offer samples of their writers’ work for you to look at. Do not ignore these. Read a few of them. Is this the quality you want when ordering help with paper writing?
  • There should be a way for you to get in touch with the company – can you call them? Do they have a live chat feature? Contact the company representatives and ask some questions about how they operate, where they find their writers, and what guarantees they provide to their customers. Still, they can lie.
  • Go out onto the web. Search for customer reviews and their experiences with a company you are considering. You can search on some of the well-known consumer review sites or on social media. You want to find any comments or feedback on the agency you are considering.

Now, think about doing all of this for several writing services you may be considering. How much time will this take? A lot!

So Then, How Do I Find a Service that Can Help Me Write My Paper Well?

One option is to ask some of your fellow students for their recommendations. If they have used the best paper writing service to help write paper assignments and have been satisfied, you may want to take that recommendation and run with it, using the same company yourself.

If you can’t find students satisfied with the writing services they have used, then you need to find another source for such recommendations. And that is where we can help you.

Can I Get Assistance from You?

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