Professional Paper Writers and Where to Find Them: Quick Guide

Are you a paper writer? If you are a student, yes, you are. How do you like that part of your job? If you don’t like this part of your “job,” then you have lots of company. One of the most dreaded assignments that students get are those papers in all of their courses – well, maybe not in PE but certainly in most others.

Paper writing is not easy, especially at the college level. Your instructors expect you to do deep research, find primary, highly credible sources, and to produce a piece of writing that is academically sound and perfectly written in formal, sophisticated English. But here you are, a student facing some or all of the following:

  • Multiple papers all due within a few weeks of each other
  • Class attendance, other assignments, part-time jobs, and family responsibilities that take time
  • Not the best time management which has resulted in an overload
  • Procrastination, which is rather common among students, especially when there are so many temptations to socialize, binge-watch Netflix, or play video games.
  • Lots of students do lack the types of formal academic writing that is expected.
  • You may have papers to produce that you just don’t want to write. If you are majoring in business, for example, a research paper on John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost is probably not on your list of interesting topics

Whatever your reason, you need help now. So, what will you do?

There are On-Campus Solutions

 Long before the Internet was born and online papers writers became available, there were two options that students had when they needed paper writing help:

  • They can go to the on-campus writing lab and get help from “tutors.” These people will help students to produce their papers. But here’s the thing: you will need to do the research, put together a rough draft, and then get help polishing that draft so that it meets the requirements for good academic writing. You will also get help with formatting.
  • There are still student paper writers for hire. They usually have expertise in a specific topic field, along with good writing skills and earn extra money by producing papers for their fellow students. If you can find students who will take on your paper assignments, you must do this early on in a semester. After all, they have their own work to do and will only take on so much that other students need.

What are my Options to Find a Paper Writer Online?

Thousands, actually. And this is both a blessing and curse. The blessing is that online paper writers are

all over the place. The curse is that this industry has grown so huge, it is hard to know which individuals or companies will actually produce the quality that you need. So, let’s take a look at these options and how you weed out the good from the bad.

  • Freelance Writers

These are individuals who market themselves as professional paper writers. They may have their own websites and portfolios, but most register on job boards to be found. Students can go to huge generic freelancer websites and search for academic writers. There will be plenty of options. There are also more specific freelance sites that focus only on writers. If you Google “freelance academic writers,” you will get both the generic and the more specific sources.

But this is just the beginning of your work. You will then have to post your paper need(s) and accept bids. Once those bids are in, you then have to look long and hard at each professional paper writer who contacted you. As we said, some of them may have their own websites with portfolios of work you can review; others will have ratings from customers on those job board sites. In either case, you will have to have a discussion with anyone you are considering and hope that you make a good choice. One word of caution: do not go with the cheap paper writers. If someone offers a price that is much lower than what you are seeing from most others, chances are they are not as good.

  • Online Paper Writer Service

This is an industry that has just exploded over the past couple of decades. The reasons for this are many, but the biggest one may be the development of plagiarism-detection software. In the past, students were able to find databases of academic writing pieces and buy what they needed from those database owners. Once this detection software was in use, though, there was no way to use a paper that was already out on the web. If students still use these databases, they use these papers to help them organize their own and to get lists of resources from those bibliographies.

Students need original and customized papers today, and they need writers with topic expertise and exceptional academic writing skills. This is the need that writing services are trying to fill. The problem is that a lot of unscrupulous people have gotten into this business, and it is hard to know which ones are the “real deal.”

How Do I Figure Out Which Services Provide Master Paper Writers? 

It’s not easy. You can be fooled by a company that makes all sorts of promises, has glowing testimonials on its website and offers a wide array of products and services in all topic areas, produced by highly qualified English-speaking paper writers.

So, separating out the scammers or the low-quality services can be hard, especially since there are thousands of them. We can give you a few things to look for when you pull up some of these websites:

  • Read all of the written content on the site. Is it in proper, clear English? If you find grammar and word usage errors, then leave. This company has not even taken the time or trouble to make sure that its language is solid. What kind of paper do you think you will get here?
  • Look for policies that spell out your rights and give you guarantees – you want to know that your identity is protected, that your financial information is secure when you make a payment, that if you are not happy with the product that you can get changes for free, and that you can speak with your writer directly. Even then, many companies will just lie and never follow through on those promises
  • Get a hold of the customer support department yourself. Ask questions about how their writers are hired. If those agents are employed and trained by the company, they should be able to answer these types of questions easily. If they can’t, you are probably talking to an answering service.
  • Look at pricing. A good company will have a pricing structure that is diverse and based upon several factors – the product being ordered, the grade level of the customer, and the deadline urgency at a minimum. A high school student who needs a simple 5-paragraph essay should not be charged the same rate as a college student who needs an online paper writer who must do research and produce a more sophisticated piece of writing. Any company that does not differentiate pricing or that offers paper writers cheap – lower than what you see on the average – should be avoided.

How Can I Weed Through all of This When I need Paper Writers Right Now?

You can’t. If you try to do this on your own, you could spend days looking at writing services and stressing over choosing a good one. If you have urgent needs, you can end up going with a company that will not deliver what you really want. You are then faced with trying to fix a poor piece by yourself or ask for revisions that you may not get, or at least not get in time to meet your deadline.

You don’t have to do this yourself. You can take advantage of the weeding out work that we have done in advance and be able to choose a company that is reputable and professional.

So, Can You Find a Great College Paper Writer for Me? 

Well, we will not give you a specific paper writer for your immediate need. What we will give you is the following:

  • We have spent years digging deep into online writing services, doing the examination of the best research paper writing service that you don’t have time to do, and giving students the facts about them. Not only have we explored all of what they offer, the reliability of their promises, the quality of the writers they use, but we have actually gone all over the web to find feedback from actual customers about their experiences
  • We have rated all of the companies we have evaluated in all key categories of service
  • We have composed detailed summaries of the companies we have researched, and any visitor to our site can access those
  • We have a large number of registered users of our site – students just like you. They also give important feedback on specific writing companies. More than that, they engage in conversations with each other about the common challenges they face as students. This is like a very specific social media platform related just to student life.
  • We have a blog which is a great resource for students – lots of tips about making your student years successful in all aspects of your life.

Come on over and see all that we have to offer. Along the way, you will be able to find a great writing service that you can use for any and all of your paper writing needs.