Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shows how collects and assesses user data. The privacy policy relates to data that is intentionally left on our website by you, and that is collected through the use of cookies. By reading this privacy policy, you will learn how we treat the data and what measures we take to protect users’ private data.

Data Collection

By using our website, the user agrees to our privacy policy and terms of use. When the user uses, we gather a number of data points. These data points are used to better users’ experience and to increase the quality of content that is shown to you. There are two ways in which this data is collected:

  1. The data that is intentionally left by the user – refers to your email address, any posts, comments, as well as correspondence with our agents and customer support. This data is usually left in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website and is safely stored on our servers. Your contact information is stored for the duration of the service you are purchasing from us. The details of the service you purchased are kept indefinitely, for statistical purposes and with the aim of bettering the quality of service we provide.
  2. The data that is collected by means of ‘cookies’ – cookies are bits of code that are left on your computer. These bits of information help your computer log in to our website faster with each returning visit. They also tell us about the ways in which you use our website, as well as the time you spend on it. Once you close our webpage, the cookie becomes inactive.

Besides these data points, we also collect and process technical data of your visit: your IP address, your browser type, as well as the time you spend on our website, and the bounce rate. This data is processed by means of statistical analysis and does not include the user’s private information and cannot be connected to the person.

The user can disable cookies on at any moment. This is done in the browser settings page or in the address bar (Omnibox, if the user uses Google Chrome). Once the user undertakes this action, cookies are disabled by default, even when visiting This means a compromised experience while browsing the website, as well as longer loading times.

All the data that is collected is safely stored on our servers and is not subject to monetization or reselling of any kind. All information collected is used for analytical purposes only and is used to provide users with a better service and a more streamlined on-site experience. Additionally, our cookies can store information (such as log-in information) that is used to enable easy and timely access to our website.

The Content User Posts

The content the user posts on is done at their own discretion. If this is the case, the user should be aware that the privacy settings on their browser do not interfere with any other parties who would like access to the users’ computer-stored data and that the content they post will be visible to other users of our website, such as our employees. Any comments etc., are publicly visible and will be visible to other users of the website as well.

In case the user would like to have their data removed from our website and any data stored on our servers, it is enough to contact us, and we will take action at the shortest possible notice. Please note that some information may remain visible for a while after the action is taken and that we have no power over the information displayed elsewhere (such as search engines).

With respect to the information collection and privacy concerns, we do not collect any personal information on users aged 13 or less. We highly discourage this group of Internet users from accessing our website and using our service. In case we suspect that a user is of this prohibitive age, we reserve the right to delete the user’s account, as well as to delete any data connected to the account. In the case of minors 13-18 years old, we strongly advise that our services be used with parental or guardian consent and supervision.

Data Sharing

Data stripped of your private and contact information may be shared with third parties. This is done in such a way as to benefit you as the final user and pertains to a better web-browsing experience, relevant ad display, and promotional offers which may come your way. Please note that your contact information (such as your email) will be kept secure and will not be shared with any third party.

When Leaving Our Website

When leaving, especially when using links present on our website (such as blog posts), you will be accessing third-party websites. In this case, we do not have any say over how your data is collected and processed, and we cannot influence their decisions. Please note that you should always check website credentials and safety measures before leaving any kind of information, including your contact information.

The same privacy policy exception is applicable to any affiliate links you may click on, as they lead to websites other than our own. If you choose to click, please be aware that any information other websites may collect about your browsing habits and history (on their website) is out of the scope of our powers and our privacy policy. Always proceed with caution.

Security Concerns

All information that is shared with or that is collected by our cookies is securely stored on our servers. The servers offer the same level of protection as WordPress sites. The number of plugins we use is set to a minimum so that the risk of a data breach and violation is also kept at a minimum. To ensure further data protection, they are only given to trustworthy third parties, under the conditions and with the intent described above.