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    Our team knows everything about academic writing, and CleverrUp review is one of the latest works of our experts. This company appeared just a few years ago, and it remains largely unknown in the writing market. What grabbed our attention was a couple of our readers’ requests and the fact that CleverrUp provides an interesting combination of services. It focuses on academic help, but apart from essay writing, you could also purchase a subscription and ask college questions whenever you need. This made us curious enough to start full-scale research.

    Key to Crafting Objective CleverrUp Reviews

    When our goal is to find the best dissertation writing service for students or connect them with top editors, we follow simple criteria, and we use this approach on CleverrUp. Each member performed their individual research by covering the same points: we studied online reviews, checked how safe their policies are, spoke with customer support, and analyzed background information. Once we completed our reports, we united to place an order from a team, and then we evaluated our essay, compared the price we’ve paid for it against its quality and decided if asking for revision would be appropriate. We also looked at smaller aspects like sample databases or free academic tools. After a final joint discussion, we agreed on what rating this company deserves.

    Writing Services on Offer: What’s the Deal with CleverrUp?

    Analyzing the number & diversity of services was one of the first goals for review. As we’ve mentioned, the agency provides two main types of help. Students could hire writers in any discipline and ask for any academic level. Research papers for high school, calculations and literature reviews for college, dissertations, and dashboard tasks for university — there is an abundance of everything. We assessed this point highly because the more specialties are supported, the bigger number of students can find what they need.

    Cleverr Up also offers three customer packages for QA sessions with online experts for different prices. By purchasing them, you could get unlimited access to answers that experts have already given to other questions — who knows, one of them might be yours! You’ll also gain a chance to make unique inquiries and receive help in real-time. If you feel uncertain about the homework you did, you can submit it for evaluation and feedback.

    We’ve never seen other companies offer this specific type of help, so we were impressed and curious if its quality is just as rich. Those reviews of Cleverr Up we’ve seen were positive, and to check if we agree, we placed an order in Science with a standard 2-week deadline. We had brief contact with our writer and it left us satisfied: their language was clear and they seemed friendly enough. Strictly two weeks later, our essay arrived, and we immediately delved into it. It had correct structure and a strong thesis — this stood out most. The sources our writer used were professional and relevant. The research was impressive; aside from occasional proofreading errors, the text was clean. No plagiarism was present. There was no need to order a revision as the results pleased the team entirely.

    Sample Base: Quality, Prices & Analysis

    Several Cleverr Up reviews mentioned samples, so even before we started our research, we knew we were going to have more materials to read. Respectable academic companies often offer additional support to potential customers completely for free: it might include top conclusion sentence generator or samples. Samples are papers on different topics that could guide and inspire students. The only problem is that they might have low quality — managers sometimes hoard papers and post them without doing even a basic check. The level of samples can say a lot about services themselves, so we were intrigued to see if good quality we got is a coincidence or a pattern.

    • Access. Samples are free + easily accessible. Registration and subscription are needed only if you want to copy text.
    • Number of categories. We found a big number of samples in 28 different categories.
    • Originality. Most samples are original, although there is no guarantee that other students never used them.
    • Analysis. We selected three random samples in various categories for analysis in our review of CleverrUp.

    1) Title: Nervous System Introduction

    Category: Health

    cleverr up sample

    This is a strong example of a scientific essay. It has clearly defined paragraphs with relevant content; there are few grammar or punctuation mistakes because the writer is clearly fluent. The paper is original, has interesting ideas, and great source. Its only drawback is that formatting is not ideal, but it is accurate enough to earn a couple of points.

    2) Title: The Extra Security

    Category: Crime

    cleverr up sample 2

    This sample has average quality. It’s an interesting report written from the perspective of a police officer, and it deals with details satisfyingly. The sources it relies on are appropriate. The issues are punctuation & language mistakes plus occasional informal words like “kid.” Managers should have proofread this one better.

    3) Title: Human Trafficking

    Category: Slavery

    cleverr up sample 3

    We appreciated this sample. It had insightful content and made good arguments. Its only source is an article that the paper responds to, and while it has language mistakes and uses informal elements like inversions sometimes, the problems aren’t serious.

    • Quality. Overall, the quality of the samples the team studied ranged from medium to high. Managers should dedicate more attention to the work they add, but we are certain that students will learn a lot from them.
    • Summing up. Solid quality and originality are two distinguishing features of CleverrUp’s samples. You could use them for your studies easily since they have illuminating ideas. We also liked how clients can rate each paper. Their likes and dislikes are seen below the text.

    Guarantees, Freebies, Cleverr Up Reviews & Other Nuances

    Any college essay or personal statement review appears after thorough analysis. To make it complete, we study every aspect of a company, and this is what the team did with CleverrUp. Look at extra things we uncovered:

    • Reliability. There aren’t many reviews about this company online. What we managed to find is positive, but we have doubts about several comments posted on their website. Some of them have photos of posters, and who could believe that a student would disclose their identity on a hired academic platform? This looks suspicious.
    • Support. Operators are sweethearts, but they don’t work 24/7. There were times when we checked chat & saw the “Our agents are not available right now” message.
    • Free stuff. Apart from great free essays, CleverrUp offers a blog with useful articles, an archive with questions, answers, and helpful academic guides.
    • Guarantees. In case your requirements weren’t met properly, you could request a revision or even a refund. The company also guarantees full confidentiality and originality. It accepts responsibility for its work in every way and is ready to face the consequences of failing its customers.

    How Much Do Writing & QA Services Cost? prices are affordable — 1 page of essay with a 2-week deadline costs $15. This falls within medium category in the market. If you are interested in QA format instead, you should choose between three packages. The first one is free: it allows you to receive an answer to 1 question + save or like your favorite answers. Basic package features answers to 5 questions, services for 5 graders as well as some other things. It costs $14.99.

    Premium package is worth $25.99 per month, and it gives you a personal support agent, answers to 10 questions, graders, etc. Clients could get 20% of discounts if they purchase a yearly package instead of the monthly one. All these costs are low enough to be affordable, so the company scored highly yet again.

    Do We Recommend CleverrUp?

    CleverrUp is an agency worthy of your consideration. It has professional writers, good samples, average prices & pleasant managers. From drawbacks, some of the reviews about it are not trustworthy and the quality assurance team should pay closer attention to the fluency of website content. We give CleverrUp 8.9 points out of 10. Try its platform for yourself and let us know what you think. If you are interested in diversity, check other reviews we wrote and find an academic service that will become your second education center!

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