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Our CustomEssayMeister Overview

Welcome to our review of CustomEssayMeister. This is our write up based on research we have conducted on the online academic services offered by CustomEssayMeister. In order to complete this task and provide the most useful information, we took the following steps:

  • Explored the website.
  • Received and reviewed a completed written work.
  • Read policy pages.
  • Conducted a price comparison with other, similar websites.
  • Read through several student reviews,
  • Interacted with staff as required.

Thanks to this exhaustive research, we are now prepared to present our readers with the information they can use to make an informed decision about this site. We have worked hard to remain objective and impartial. Our reviews are written to provide an independent perspective on the sites that students might be considering. Here are some of the questions we will attempt to answer here:

  • Does this company provide quality writing?
  • Do they deliver papers on time?
  • Are their prices competitive?
  • Can students save money through attractive discounts?
  • Do they offer multiple, secure payment options?
  • What are their guarantees and other policies?
  • Have they established a good reputation?

Keep reading to learn more about our research and experiences. Our final recommendations are at the end.

Pricing System of Their Service

CustomEssayMeister is an academic services website. Because of this, they use the services based model. This means that CustomEssayMeister charges students and other customers for every page of writing they receive. Also, like other services, prices vary depending on the student’s grade level, assignment type, and urgency. The company determines urgency according to the deadline date established in the order. So, an urgent paper for a doctoral candidate will cost more than a paper for a high school student that is not due for several days.

At the low end, prices begin at 16.95 per page for a high school student that is due in one week. At the other end of the spectrum might be a paper for an upper university student that is due in three hours. This would cost 55.95 per page. Overall, these prices are on the high side of normal.

There are limited discount options available. The first savings we noticed was the standard discount for first time customers. They also offer progressive discounts on subsequent orders. The company also mentions that it offers special discount codes for various reasons. These can be entered when the student places an order.

The site didn’t mention any type of referral programs or affiliate marketing opportunities. While these aren’t entirely common, they are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, we try to make note of them in these reviews.

Types of Services

For this review of CustomEssayMeister, we largely reviewed the services offered to students. However, we will also briefly mention the offerings for professionals as well. All services can be found on the website.

CustomEssayMeister Services for Students

Here is a list of services that are offered to students. Please keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list:

  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Various Types of Essays
  • Admission Papers
  • Dissertation and Thesis Assistance
  • Coursework
  • Book Reports
  • Critiques
  • Reviews

The site lists several fields of study. This indicates they have hired writers from a variety of academic backgrounds.

In order to review CustomEssayMeister, we made arrangements to review an essay written for an undergraduate student. The paper we received arrived on time. The writer complied with our instructions and cited the paper appropriately. However, the writing was just average, and we felt as if they might have used better research sources.

Our experiences appear to be in line with those of other students. The company certainly fills orders as they are obligated to. Unfortunately, the writing quality and research don’t seem to go much beyond the bare minimum.

CustomEssayMeister Services for Professionals

There are several service offerings for professionals who are in need of writing assistance. Many of these are intended for online marketing purposes. These include:

  • Custom Articles
  • SEO Content
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Grant Proposals

We noted that there do not appear to be any job seeker services here. Specifically, we did not notice resume writing services on the company’s services page.

Payment Options

Like other services, CustomEssayMeister demands payment before services begin. Because they serve students in both the US and the UK, CustomEssayMeister uses two payment gateways. The first is PayPal, where students may use their balance or debit card to complete payment. They also accept RBS WorldPay directly from their website.

Our research shows that both payment options are secure. We did not find significant complaints of fraud or other issues. We believe it is safe to place an order and make payment through this online writing service.


For the most part, writing services tend to offer similar guarantees. This is largely true with CustomEssayMeister. However, we did notice a few things that concerned us.

First, we researched the guarantees offered by CustomEssayMeister by reading the policy pages on We also read several reviews written by students and relied on our experiences interacting with the company.

Specifically, we read the terms of service and privacy policy pages. The terms of service are where we found a few issues. First, the company allows more plagiarism than other services as we found using best plagiarism checker. For example, if a paper is found to contain 30% unoriginal content, the student would not be eligible to receive a refund. However, that threshold is much more than most professors will accept. You can use the best paraphrasing website to change it a little bit. At the same time, the company mentions that slight delays in delivery will not be compensated with a refund. Neither of these policies is within industry standards. Refunds are granted on a case by case basis, only after 5 revision requests have been submitted.

The privacy policy is quite brief and lacks the detail we normally see on writing service websites. The policy does mention payment security and that customers may have their files deleted upon request.

There were some complaints in student reviews about writing quality. Some mentioned that they did not receive a refund or revision when they believed they should have. On the other hand, there are many satisfied customers as well. We did not have any reason to make a customer service complaint, thus cannot add any input on the matter of guarantees.

Is Site Legit?

Overall, we have concluded that is a legitimate company. This means they are not a scam or fraud. Every indication is that this is a legitimately registered business that delivers products as ordered. They also meet the basic requirements of payment and data security. They also provide appropriate contact information to those who have customer service concerns or other questions.

However, this is not an endorsement of overall writing or customer service quality. Instead, we encourage you to rely on the other information in this review as well as your own research to make this determination for yourself.


Our research on CustomEssayMeister definitely uncovered some positives. Here are a few that we believe students should keep in mind:

  • Decent student reviews with no mentions of scams.
  • com website has a blog that is well-written and covers lots of relevant content.
  • Offers a wide range of products and services.


The following list contains negative points we uncovered about CustomEssayMeister. Students should take these into consideration:

  • At the time of review — no price calculator was available.
  • Writing appears to be average overall.
  • Limited discount options.
  • Plagiarism threshold is higher than other services, with no refunds available unless there is more than 35% copied content.

To Sum Up

After gathering information about CustomEssayMeister, we are unable to provide a clear recommendation. Instead, we encourage students to use the information here as a reference. Further, please continue to do your own research through and by reading other student reviews.

Here are the key points to remember from this CustomEssayMeister review:

  • Prices are within the high average range.
  • Writing is also average, with customers being mostly satisfied but not exceptionally impressed.
  • Guarantees and promises are standard.
  • There were some complaints about writing quality and customer service.
  • The paper we reviewed was acceptable but not great.

If you are interested in learning more about other writing services, please dig into our other reviews. We’re confident they can help you find the ideal service provider for your academic needs.

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so, the paper had some issues and I asked for a revision. After the revision the paper was ok. Don’t know if I will use them again. Maybe I will give them one more chance.


Good job with my book review! It sounds as if I really read Dickens but I lowkey don’t like the way he writes novels, iykyk


The work was done well, but it had to be modified several times. I advise you to establish feedback, as the messages were answered for a long time. I barely made the deadline.


It’s bad, I’m very frustrated… I don’t know if I can give this service another chance..

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