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Our Essayedge Overview

High school students begin thinking about their college choices during their junior year. And by the time they are seniors, they are madly filling out applications, maybe looking for scholarship opportunities, and looking into financial aid possibilities. They really have top choices, and they want all of their application materials to be just perfect. They know the competition is tough and that they must make the best impression possible before that admissions committee. When their academic credentials and their other information are equal to that competition, what will make them stand out? Chances are, it will be those required essays, either from the Common Application or from those specifically required by the institution.

At the same time, there are undergraduate students who are applying for graduate and/or professional post-degree programs. They, too, face the same challenges as high school students. How to stand out? And again, the answer is the same – those personal statements and other essay writing tasks that will be submitted with their other application materials.

For years, any number of writing services have offered admissions, scholarships, and personal statement essays as a part of their product line. And every once in a while, we come across a company that focuses only on these products. Such is the case with, a company that has been in the business of helping students with their application materials since 1997. And so, we present this EssayEdge review, for students who are facing the challenges of creating those amazing essays that will get them noticed.

How You Could Pay?

EssayEdge offers packages of admissions services. These range from $69 – to $159+, depending upon pages to be proofread, to $529+ for far more comprehensive services.

Students will choose among these packages based upon their specific needs. Some students are pretty creative in their writing and really need just solid and comprehensive proofreading to ensure that their essays are fully polished.

Other students may need deeper editing and proofreading, as well as suggestions and recommendations for style and tone. They will choose a more expensive package.

Still, other students will need help from topic selections to conceptual approaches, style, tone, creativity, and even more. They will pay more for a personal consultant, of course.

It is difficult for us to compare EssayEdge pricing with that of other reputable online writing services. Its scope of products and services is very narrow, and pricing is based upon packages rather than individual products. Still, we will say that, when we compare EssayEdge pricing with comparable services, it is on the high side.

Types of Services

As we said above, EssayEdge offers packages, not individual pieces of writing. Here is a breakdown of the packages and what is provided with each one.

Package One

This one starts at $69 and has a turnaround time as short as 48 hours. The $69 is for 0 – 600 words. Pricing increases after that and can go up to $159+. For this price, students will get a final proofread from a qualified editor, to ensure that the piece is fully polished, down to the last comma.

Package Two – the Standard Package

EssayEdge states that this is the most popular option. It is for students who have partially finished their essays but who are struggling with style, tone, creativity, and such. A qualified editor will review what has been written so far and make suggestions regarding tone, style, and structure. It provides a 48-hour turnaround and one critique session. There are options to select more help, as well as a shorter deadline, for an additional cost.

Package Three – All In One

This one begins at $229 with a turnaround time of 7 days. This includes an editor to review and edit up to 3 applicant documents to ensure that style and tone are consistent and make suggestions or recommendations for changes. If a student makes suggested changes, he can then get a second reading by that same editor.

Package Four – Premier

This package begins at the very beginning before a student has even started on his application writing. The editor takes him through the entire process, including the selection of topic(s), brainstorming details to include, outline preparation, rough and final drafts. This package begins at $379 with a 14-day turnaround and can run as high as $529+.

We were also interested to learn the levels of satisfaction of students who have used EssayEdge.

  • There are very positive testimonials from happy students on the EssayEdge website
  • A few users of our website have used EssayEdge for the standard proofreading and were satisfied with what they got. Their only complaint was cost.
  • EssayEdge also has a good reputation on Site Jabber. There are 48 reviews and all are positive. Again, the only comment was about the high cost.
  • There are both samples and a blog on the EssayEdge website. We read several and found them to be well-structured, topic-focused, and reflective of good grammar and composition.

Trying to compare EssayEdge with other writing services we typically review is tough. The company only offers one narrow type of service, while most writing services offer far more comprehensive ones. It would be impossible to just compare the editing services of these larger companies with those of EssayEdge because even the specifics of the type of help differ so much. In all, though, we can say that customers are satisfied with what Essay Edge provides.

What Payment Methods Do They Have? accepts all major credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal. After speaking to customer support, we did learn that a third-party payment processor is used for students who directly submit their bank cards for payment. This is a requirement for any company we recommend.

Offering payment through PayPal is something that writing companies are beginning to use more, and we are glad to see that EssayEdge offers this payment platform. Students do not need to have an account with PayPal in order to use it as a payment method. And PayPal is about as secure as they come.


There are no EssayEdge policies like the ones we usually find on writing service websites. And so, it was a bit tough to figure out what guarantees are offered by There is an FAQ section, but there are no questions relative to guarantees of customer satisfaction.

We assume if there are issues with satisfaction, plagiarism, or failure to follow student specifications, the complaint must be lodged by contacting the company support department directly, via phone, chat, or email.

Is Site Legit? has been around since 1997, and its website is an honest and transparent representation of what it offers to students who are applying to undergraduate or graduate/professional programs. Its editors come from well-known colleges and universities, and students are assigned to a single editor for each package they order. There is direct communication between a student and an editor during the process.

In short, EssayEdge meets all of our requirements for legitimacy.


  • Customer satisfaction is high
  • Student works with a single editor for all that is ordered
  • Direct communication between student and editor


  • EssayEdge is narrowly focused only on assistance with and editing of college and graduate level application materials
  • EssayEdge prices are high

To Sum Up has been in business for many years, helping students with their college and graduate school application materials, especially those essays. But for graduate level admission, it also provides services related to resumes, CVs, cover letters, goal statements, and such. Overall, EssayEdge performs well for its clients, though it is pricey in comparison to the editing services of other writing agencies.

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