EssayPro Review: Should You Take a Chance on Writer Bids?

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EssayPro takes a less common approach. In this case, customers place orders. Then, they receive bids from a variety of professional writers who are interested in doing the work. They review the price submitted, the writer’s ratings, and their qualifications. When they receive a proposal they like, they accept the bid. In this EssayPro review, we have taken the time to research this academic composition provider. Now, we are here to give you the information you need to determine if they are the right service provider for you. Please know that we base our recommendation on the following criteria:

  • Writing at the appropriate academic level, accurate, and free from errors.
  • Customer service that is professional and helpful
  • Pricing that ensures a good value to students
  • Good user experience
  • Security and discretion
  • A solid reputation

We have created a process that allows us to determine if a site meets these criteria. Here are the steps we took to evaluate EssayPro:

  • Explore the website and read online content using different devices and browsers.
  • Research EssayPro online to read other reviews and articles.
  • Reached out to previous customers.
  • Compared prices and discounts with similar businesses.
  • Evaluated a completed written work from a writer at EssayPro
  • Do not have 100% free essays

Cost of Their Papers

In most cases, companies charge a set price per page. In this case, students place orders that are then seen by qualified writers. The writers select orders that interest them and fit their qualifications. If they decide they want the job, they submit a bid to be viewed by the student. Next, the customer receives these bids, reviews them, and selects the offer that is most attractive to them.

We definitely believe this method is viable. It encourages professional essayists to be competitive and work to earn great ratings. Students can benefit from this, and from the low prices that result from competitive bidding. There is some potential for negative outcomes. The lowest bids often come from writers who aren’t as experienced as they should be. Students who use a service like EssayPro should keep in mind that the best writers won’t charge rock bottom prices. So, find a balance between low prices and quality. You do have to pay for good writing. If you not ready to pay a high amount of money, you can use help of average writers. The best paraphrasing tool would help you to polish paper after.

One final note on this. Customers here work out the details of their orders with the writer. This includes any perks or add-ons. There are no site wide coupons or discounts available.

Types of Offered Services

EssayPro is a company that operates to serve students who need writing assistance. That’s why their service offerings focus on academic assignments. Students can place orders for help with a variety of long form writing assignments and other academic work. These offerings include book reports, research paper writing service, essays, scholarship and admissions papers, presentations, speeches, lab reports, and more. EssayPro also offers editing and proofreading services. Both are useful for helping students polish their own writing.

Payment Options

Payment options here are pretty standard. That’s a good thing, as this is an area where no surprises are best. Just have your debit or credit card handy, and you will be good to go. Payment processing here works like any other online retailer. EssayPro is just as safe and secure as any other eCommerce site.

The only difference is that bidding sites don’t process payments to the writer immediately. Instead, the money goes into ‘escrow’. Your writer is paid when you receive your final paper and indicate that you are satisfied with it.


If you visit the EssayPro website, you will note that they have published a variety of policy documents. These list the guarantees they provide and outline rights and responsibilities. As a customer or visitor to their site, you should be familiar with these. Below, we are providing some of the more important details. Still, you should read these documents yourself. They are subject to change, and this information could become outdated.

Refund Policy

The refund policy here makes it clear that the company understands its obligations to ensure that students receive products on time, and of acceptable quality. If this doesn’t happen, there are instances where customers are entitled to a refund. These refunds may be offered in different situations, such as the writer canceling an order or failing to deliver on time. The precise amount of a refund can vary depending on the situation.

Privacy Policy

If you place an order for internet based services, you share both personal and financial information. You should understand how that information is used. This privacy policy provides a clear explanation of this, and it does so in a way that is easy for the average person can understand.

Terms And Conditions

Everything else a customer may need to know is detailed in the terms and conditions document. It contains explanations on placing an order, use of products, and more. This is an important document to read in case you need to change an order or make additional payments.

Is EssayPro Legit?

We asked ourselves if we would be willing to place an order for services at EssayPro if we were students. Would we feel comfortable spending our money? Would we be okay with turning that paper in? In this case, we can say the answer is yes. We are confident that we would receive a good paper for our money. We arrived at this decision by considering the following:

Does The Writing Meet Academic Standards?

It isn’t enough for writing to be good. It must meet standards of academic research and writing. We were impressed by the EssayPro writing we evaluated. The writer used sources from widely accepted academic databases. They presented solid arguments with supporting points. They avoided making noticeable spelling and grammar issues. The vast majority of the reviews we read also indicated students were happy with the writing standards and results.

What About Customer Service?

If you go to, you can speak to a live agent. That’s the best way we know to get answers to any questions you have. Agents here are quite personable, and they clearly understand the processes and procedures here.

Are The Prices Competitive?

Because writers place bids, EssayPro prices really vary widely. In general, the amount of the bids you receive will be influenced by the subject, academic level, experience you require, and urgency. However, when we look at pricing overall, it is clear that things here are budget friendly and competitive. If you are willing to wait for the right bid, you can increase your chances of getting a great deal. Place your order early if you can!

What About Website Experience?

Poorly designed websites are frustrating. Who wants to visit a website that is clunky and outdated. We believe it should be easy to complete tasks such as contacting support or placing an order. Fortunately, the folks at EssayPro have used professionals to create a great website that is an absolute pleasure to use.

Is it Safety And Security a Priority?

We believe sites should make this a top priority. We are pleased to say that this is the case here. You are safe in using the website and placing an order.


We can certainly state that we have found many positives about To help you consider these points, we’ve put their best attributes in the list below:

  • Published writer ratings.
  • Easy to place an order, view bids, research writers, or make payments.
  • Company policies are easy to understand and protect customer interests.
  • Blog content that is interesting and engaging for visitors to
  • Customers decide which writer is best for them.
  • Prices are often lower than other services.
  • Customer service is online 24/7


This part of the review was a real struggle for us. No service is perfect, but we did have trouble finding elements about EssayPro that were truly negative. None of these points are particularly awful. However, we might make these changes at if we worked there.

  • Students may wait longer than other sites to receive the right bid.
  • Some writers are not ENL.
  • Very low bids could be an indicator of an inexperienced writer.

To Sum Up

We were able to find plenty of positive points about EssayPro. Even better, we didn’t find any meaningful negatives. When a student orders a paper from, they can almost assuredly expect a great paper in return. Because of this, we gladly endorse EssayPro. Please consider it for your next writing assignment.

To get writing help today, simply visit You can also read our other reviews of the best writing services to explore additional options.

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I got F for a plagiarized essay! Thank you so much for the trouble! I reported on you at dean’s office that I got scammed. Pray that I am not expelled!!


The worst service I’ve ever seen, when someone trusts you, you have to do your best not to let down the customer who paid for the job. I did not like the work done. On request to change the writer, refused and demanded that I make a new order with repeated payment. I asked for a refund, but I was refused, citing that the assignment was completed…


not bad, maybe I will use your service again

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