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GradeMiners.com states that is has been in the writing business for 10 years. We can find history going back 7. Yet, that is plenty of “history” to let us dig deep into the company and provide this GradeMiners review. We want our users to have solid, objective, and factual information so that they can make wise decisions about which companies to enlist for their school writing needs. To this end, we have looked at all of the following:

  • We read through every page of the GradeMiners website, looking for good design, easy navigation, clear information about products and services, and solid English composition.
  • We checked out pricing and compared it to the average for the industry
  • Solicited copies of writing products received by actual customers
  • Reviewed GradeMiners policies and guarantees
  • Solicited customer feedback on the company
  • Searched the web for comments and reviews from customers
  • Reviewed several samples of free essay papers that have been produced by their writers.

All that we have found, we have summarized in the GradeMiners.com review that follows:

Pricing and Discounts

There is a set GradeMiners pricing structure. It is calculated as students complete their order forms. And those forms have the standard fields to complete – academic level, type of product being ordered, topic page length, number of required resources, and, finally, the deadline date and any other information about unique specifications. Once that is complete, a price will be provided. While most students would prefer to see a pricing chart up front before they go through this process, it is really not that big a deal. The bottom line is that the student does get a final price and can then decide whether to proceed with the order and give his personal and financial information.

We did see a field for a discount code. And it seems that GradeMiners does offer discounts which they publish as pop-ups on their pages, at least for first-time customers.

We did not order a piece, but did complete the order form to get a handle on what a college level essay would cost – ours was $18.19 per page, a big on the high side for the industry average.

There are also extras that can be added for additional fees, such as a higher quality writer.


GradeMiners markets itself as an academic writing service and their products are all along these lines. Students from high school through graduate programs can order essays, papers, reviews, analyses, case studies, presentations, lab reports, research projects, and more. Other products and services include admissions essays, homework help, test-taking, editing and proofreading, and resumes and cover letters.

Of course, our interest is in the quality of products by GradeMiners.com. We were able to get a short research paper that one customer shared with us. In short, it was mediocre at best and contained a number of sentence structure and word usage errors. Resources were not the best for a college-level piece. We would recommend checking best research paper writing service reviews.

We also reviewed some of the free samples available for students to use as resources. Again, we found the same types of errors. It seems that, at least in some cases, GradeMiners is using foreign writers.

Making Payment

All major bank cards are accepted by GradeMiners. We were disappointed not to see PayPal or other digital options available, and this could be a mistake. Many students have come to bank fully online these days, through digital platforms, and GradeMiners would do well to consider adding these options.

Students should feel comfortable providing their financial information to make payments. That information is not collected or held on the GradeMiners.com website. A secure third-party process takes over and handles that end of the business.

Policy Guarantees

There are no policy documents on the GradeMiners website. Instead, there is one page with the title “Guarantees.” All of the company promises are listed with a short explanation, and these include privacy, originality, adherence to customer instructions, revision requests, editing, and such. Here is a rundown of some of the most important guarantees:

  • Quality Assurance: GradeMiners checks finished products before they are sent out the door to customers. These checks include originality, adherence to customer requirements, formatting, and such. The company states that it assigns writers to order based on a match between topic and grade level and writer degree and writing background.
  • Confidentiality: Personal information is encrypted and kept safe behind firewalls. And GradeMiners, like most other writing services, promises never to distribute, reveal, sell or trade personal information on its customers.
  • Money-Back: There are specific circumstances under which a customer can require either a partial or full refund. Of all of the guarantees, this one is least clear. GradeMiners will provide refunds at its own discretion.
  • Customer Support: This is available 24/7/365. We did contact customer service at a couple of odd hours, and someone did answer. It appears that GradeMiners may be using an answering service, though, as some of our more detailed questions were not readily answered.
  • Editing: We are unsure why this is listed on the guarantee page. It is more of a paragraph encouraging students to get their own work edited and proofread by one of their pros.


Is GradeMiners a legitimate company? Yes, most certainly. It is registered in Cyprus, which is not too unusual because regulations are rather loose. But beyond that, it does take orders, assign them to writers, allow students to communicate with those writers, and delivers products that have been paid for. The issue we have with the company is the quality that is produced.

When we asked and searched for customer feedback, we also got some comments that were disappointing as they have to use a website that paraphrases for you after. There were complaints about quality, but also about lateness and lack of responsiveness from customer support.

Pros and Cons

We try to list the pros and cons so that students can see them at a glance:


  • com is full of good information and quite easy to navigate. Content is broken up into sections to scan
  • Payment methods are secure, and privacy is protected
  • They do have a solid discount plan
  • There are extra free tools, like a reliable plagiarism checker and formatting software.
  • There are free samples that can help students organize their own writing on similar topics


  • Quality of writing is an issue with many customers. And, if the free samples are an indication, they have a right to complain
  • GradeMiners does receive a lot of bad feedback
  • Customer support is not that grade. When we contacted them, they were almost a bit rude when we asked tough questions
  • They should have legal policies, not just a list of promises

In the End…

We cannot recommend GradeMiners to our users. There are simply too many issues with quality, support, and responsiveness. And far too many complaints as well.

But all is not lost. We have reviews of the best paper writing services, and many of them are just great. Check out a few that we have rated highly, and you will probably find just what you are looking for.

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Unprofessional writers who are not native speakers. I chatted with the writer and I can just tell that they are not a native speaker that was promised


I got F, so only a negative impression of this service


Good service, helps in difficult situations

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