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Our HeyTutor Overview

HeyTutor.com connects students with expert tutors who are able to assist them with their learning struggles. They offer both online and in-person tutoring. Students begin by using the HeyTutor search feature. They enter their name, phone, and location information. Then, wait for a tutor to contact them.

To write this review, we explored the HeyTutor.com website, read online reviews of HeyTutor, interacted with customer support, compared prices with similar services, and evaluated HeyTutor Services. While this is not a writing service, we decided to go forward with this review. This is because we have received multiple inquiries about this service.

Here are the questions we have tried to answer in this HeyTutor review:

  • Which services are offered here?
  • Do they charge reasonable prices?
  • What about discounts and special offers?
  • Are the services of decent quality and delivered in a timely manner?
  • Do they have fair policies that are enforced with customer support in mind?

Do Their Prices Worth It?

Due to the nature of the services offered here, HeyTutor prices are not set in stone. In fact, they vary quite a bit. Prices start at around 17 dollars per hour. They go up to around 34 dollars per hour. Students can select the HeyTutor academic assistant who charges a price that is within their budget. To start the process, the student creates a request for tutoring and is then contacted by tutors in their area. When they make payment for the hours of tutoring they need, the company pays the tutor and takes a percentage of the payment as their fee. If more tutoring assistance is needed, the student simply places more money on their account.

Because HeyTutor does not establish prices, they are unable to offer discounts. Instead, hourly rates are set by the tutors. However, students should feel encouraged to engage in discussions with potential tutors to negotiate the best possible price. In many cases, they may be able to have the price they pay lowered. However, they may not receive any bids that are within their price range. Finally, students should research each tutor very carefully. It’s important to verify their qualifications and to avoid hiring a tutor simply because they charge the lowest price.

Types of Services

HeyTutor offers online and in-person tutoring services. According to the site, they are connected to thousands of tutors who offer help in thousands of subjects. These services are delivered by the hour, and students pay for the batches of hours they think they need.

Students may search for tutors by both subject matter area and location. However, it is difficult to connect with an online tutor as the site forces students to go through the process to order in person tutoring first.

To help them find the best tutoring resources, students should do as much information gathering as possible. This includes:

  • Interacting directly with their tutor.
  • Reading each tutor’s profile and ratings.
  • Studying online reviews like this one as well as those written by other students.
  • Determining the number of tutoring hours potential tutors have worked.
  • Evaluating the quality of tutoring they receive.

Students must also keep in mind that if they are unhappy with a tutor, they can be reassigned to someone new.

In order to assess the quality of these services, we started by reading online reviews. These were generally positive to mixed. We did read a few negative write ups. However, this is to be expected with any business. Overall, we drew the conclusion that these services are satisfactory as long as the student is assigned a qualified tutor who is dedicated to providing good services.

We also independently verified tutoring services. Through our experiences, we can affirm that we did receive services as paid for. The tutor provided by HeyTutor did appear to have an acceptable grasp of the service matter. However, we do believe they were not quite worth the rates they charged. We felt as if we received homework assistance but didn’t really understand the topic any better after our tutoring sessions.

Payment Options

HeyTutor expects payment to be made after an agreement is reached with the tutor, but before any services are rendered. This is fairly standard and did not raise any red flags. We paid for a batch of tutoring hours. The company accepts standard forms of payment, including debit and credit cards and PayPal. All payment options appear to be reasonably secure. We did not find any credible evidence of fraud or loss of data. As always, we do encourage students to use a payment option they find to be most secure for their situation. Remember that digital debit cards are an option that doesn’t require giving your account information out.


Anyone who uses a tutoring marketplace like HeyTutor must keep in mind that they are not working with employees of that marketplace. Instead, the tutors are independent contractors. That means any agreements are generally between the student and tutor directly. This limits the guarantees that a service can provide and how those guarantees can be enforced. However, there are options for students who are unhappy with their tutoring services. These include requesting that payment be held or that they be assigned a different tutor.

To better understand HeyTutor guarantees, we also read their privacy and terms of use policy pages. The terms of service document explains how the service works. It also details that tutors are not employees of the site and that the site does not endorse any tutor. As such, they do not provide any warranties or guarantees. They also do not conduct background checks but provide customers with a link they can use to do so.

The privacy policy details the collection, use, and storage of customer information. They guarantee that they do not sell that information to third parties. The privacy policy also mentions that SSL is used to encrypt data during financial transactions. There are methods available to students who wish to have their data deleted from the site. Finally, the privacy policy prohibits the use of the site for children under the age of 13.

Is Site Legit

We can confidently state that HeyTutor is a legitimate website. They are a well-known business that has been operating for quite some time. Our research indicates that they do provide the products and services that they promise. We found no evidence of fraud or other concerns.

However, we want to be clear that that does not mean we endorse the site or recommend its use. Overall, the research we conducted found a general level of satisfaction with a small number of customers being less than happy with their services. We are simply stating that this is a legitimate business operating under standard ethical principles.


HeyTutor.com is a popular tutoring website for a reason. Many students are quite satisfied with the services they receive because of the following reasons:

  • Wide variety of topics and grade levels.
  • Tutors available online or in your local area.
  • Ability to negotiate terms with your tutor.
  • Overall good reputation among students.


While we were able to identify many positive attributes, there are some caveats that students should understand before they decide to purchase tutoring services from HeyTutor.com.

  • The quality of tutors can vary widely, and users are expected to find the best one for their needs.
  • Prices can be quite high.
  • Tutors may not be available for a specific topic or in a certain area.

To Sum Up

Overall, our interactions with HeyTutor were quite positive. The company also has a generally good reputation. Unfortunately, we did find it difficult to figure out how to find and order online tutoring services from HeyTutor.com. The site is clearly geared towards in person tutoring.

Students who use this service are likely to receive satisfactory results. However, they should understand that HeyTutor is a tutoring marketplace. They are not a writing service. Also, very little is done to vet the quality and qualifications of tutors here. Instead, students are expected to do their own research and negotiations to find a trustworthy tutor who charges reasonable prices. Because everything is done online, there is certainly a convenience factor here. However, students may find they get more for their money using a traditional writing service and that they may pay less by simply hiring a local tutor.

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