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We first came across when a user of our site posted a comment about his experience with the company. After reading his post, we decided it was time to take a close look at PaperHelp. And we did this by using the same criteria we always use:

  • We pour through the website contents, looking for very specific things – good design and easy navigation, a detailed listing of products and services, quality of content composition, information about writers, samples if provided, ordering process and more
  • A review of prices and discounts in comparison to other reputable companies
  • Soliciting and reading PaperHelp comments and feedback from its customers that were posted on the web, not on its website
  • Reviewing an actual product if available
  • Contacting the customer support department and engaging PaperHelp agents in conversation about products, services, and policies
  • Reviewing PaperHelp policies and guarantees

This PaperHelp review is the result of all that we have found. We urge you to read through it before you make a decision to use it as a resource for your writing assignments.

Pricing and Discounts

PaperHelp pricing is a bit strange, especially if you are accustomed to standard pricing structures of other writing websites. At PaperHelp, students pay a subscription fee for the right to download pre-written writing pieces on specific topics. Cost is $19.95/month, $39.95/90 days, or $69.95/6 months. The key here is that students will not be getting customized works – they will be buying a piece of writing that they can then re-do to meet their instructors’ requirements. These can certainly be helpful for students who need to see a model essay or paper on a given topic and see which resources were used.

Customized writing is also available. But, if you order that, you will be linked to another site. We are not sure what the connection is between PaperHelp and this third-party site. But you will pay an additional $20 research fee at this new place.

A big word of caution here: there is no way to tell if any of these written words are original, or if they have been used by other students. Trying to use one as it is could subject you to charges of plagiarism or copyright issues. Use the best website to check plagiarism to be sure.

In terms of discounts or any coupons for price reductions, we couldn’t find any on the PaperHelp site.

Offered Products and Services

Given the business model of, there is no listing of the types of products or services that the company offers. Once a student pays the subscription fee, he can search for different types of writing at different grade levels. Again, it is important to understand that other students will be using these too, and they should never be used as is. And they must not be considered original – there is no information where, when, or by whom they were produced.

We did review several of these works. Unfortunately, the quality was pretty poor, and even the best paraphrasing tools couldn’t help to fix it. There were structural problems; many lacked thesis statements; logical flow of points was a problem; many did not have transitions, and there were word usage errors that were typical of foreign writers. They are not good models for students to use.

When students do order custom writing works, they are taken from the PaperHelp website and sent to a third party site that is questionable. When we accessed that website, we were totally confused. Content is sketchy and unclear; we did not really understand the process. And, there were crazy exaggerations, such as being able to produce a college level research paper within 30 minutes. This would be a miracle, indeed. We did not include an evaluation of this third-party site. You can find other company among research paper writing service reviews.

Making Payments offers several methods for subscription payments – major bank credit or debit cards and PayPal. If a student goes to the Essay Wiz, they can pay with cards, PayPal, check, or Western Union. There does not seem to be any security associated with payment processes, so we caution students from providing any financial information. Western Union is probably the safest payment method.

Policies and Guarantees

In short, these are missing. And so, we do not have any information to give about typical guarantees of privacy, customer satisfaction, refunds, and such. If you choose to use the PaperHelp site, you need to remember that there are no protections. And if you download pieces of writing, you will certainly want to run the piece through a plagiarism checker. One customer who submitted feedback to us stated that she did find one original piece of writing over her month-long subscription to PaperHelp.

Is safe?

We cannot really answer this question. There are plenty of concerns about legitimacy, as follows:

  • The website itself is badly designed. This can mean several things – the company cannot afford to keep its site updated; the company has set itself up quickly with little regard for user experience.
  • The lack of professionalism is apparent and always causes us to suspect fraud or scam. We are worried that this may be the case with PaperHelp.
  • The methods of payment are not secure.
  • Some customers state they were sent to other websites without any warning or giving permission. They worried that hackers may be at work.
  • There are several broken links on the website itself. All of this smacks of a business that is not operating on the level.

We feel sorry for students who have paid subscription fees and who are now certainly regretting that they spent that money. They are not going to get what they expect and will have to end up going to a more legitimate writing service.

It is certainly possible that PaperHelp counts on one-time customers only. We cannot imagine anyone renewing a subscription once it has expired.

Pros and Cons

We usually have a bulleted list of the pros of a company we evaluate. In the case of PaperHelp, there are none. And this is a first for us. We simply cannot find one good thing to say. Students will not find custom writing of any worth, even from the third-part affiliate; And nothing is secure and safe. It’s all a bit frightening.


If you are interested in the long list of cons, here they are:

  • No security and protection of personal or financial information
  • A website design that is pretty crappy and outdated, with broken links.
  • Subscription fee is non-refundable, no matter how dis-satisfied a customer is
  • Any piece of writing from the PaperHelp site cannot be considered original, and they do not have free essay writing service
  • Quality of the pieces in the library is so poor, they are barely usable
  • High risk of identity theft by providing any personal information
  • Every customer whose feedback we were able to read has given PaperHelp very low quality ratings. They indicated they would not be renewing.
  • No policies or guarantees. Students use PaperHelp at their own risk, and that risk is high.

To Sum All of This UP

What can we say? We are not just disappointed but almost shocked that is even still in business. We have even entertained the notion that the company is simply a “shell” site in order to steal personal and financial information.

We suggest that you never use You are risking getting inferior and plagiarized writing for your money, not to mention the possibility that you are in a totally unsafe digital environment.

Don’t get discouraged. You can take a good look at all of the writing companies that we have found to be the best essay writing service. They have top ratings from us, and we know you will find one that you can feel comfortable using.

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