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    Our loyal readers have been asking about PeachyEssay, and we started PeachyEssay review to answer their questions finally. This company appeared in 2007 — it has academic experience, which is excellent, and its website describes its various services in detail. We didn’t like the carelessness of editors: grammar and content mistakes are everywhere. This produces an impression of unprofessional service that only started its work. Online reviews are suspicious since we couldn’t verify their authenticity, but we were still excited to perform our research. If you are thinking of hiring this company, don’t rush it. Read our review and make your decision afterward!

    Starting PeachyEssay.com Review with What Matters Most: Service Prices

    Whenever we start working on essay writing service reviews for students, we focus on prices. This is a crucial aspect that most people are curious about first and foremost. Students can’t afford high prices, especially if they have other serious expenses. Academic companies should consider this when deciding how much they will charge. PeachyEssay settled on the minimal cost of $19 per page. By market standards, this is unacceptable, and here’s why.

    Typically, one page is at least 275 words. This company will write only 250. The average deadline for an order with the lowest price should be 14 days — this is how it is with most agencies. PeachyEssay offers this price for a deadline of 30+ days. Note that you’ll be paying $19 for a page done in 30 days on a high school level, and what kind of simple projects have deadlines like this? This is an impossible situation, and the price is too high even in this case. For comparison, average academic companies ask for around $14 for a task with a two weeks deadline. This is way cheaper. PeachyEssay is a very pricey service, and our review team didn’t like this.

    Placing an Order: How Long Does It Take?

    No PeachyEssay reviews complained about order placement, and we can see why. It is quick and easy to do. You visit the website, click “order now” on your right, and see a detailed form with instructions. Pick attributes that describe your paper best, then proceed to create an account & check out sections. That’s it! It won’t take longer than five minutes.

    Type of Services & Writing Quality

    PeachyEssay accepts various formats of tasks. You could ask them to write a term paper or analysis essay, do research, craft a dissertation, create an application to college or do an online dashboard assignment. Some reviews of Peachy Essay mention that even when a student wanted something the site did not say, writers followed requirements anyway. This is an admirable approach we can only applaud.

    But the most critical part of our review is quality. To recommend the best dissertation writing services to students, we place our order and see how writers handle this task. For PeachyEssay.com, we asked for an Ecology paper at university level. We gave our expert two weeks. Unfortunately, they delivered the project late, and we got no apology for this. The delay was just an hour, but it is still unacceptable, especially from experienced companies that should know better. Quality did not compensate for it — it was abysmal. We asked for a standard essay with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, but we got two large paragraphs with a complete stream of consciousness. There were no rationality or academic arguments, just thoughts and opinions not grounded in any sources. We placed a revision request where we described our complaints, but it wasn’t practical either. The result looked a little better, but terrible content remained. Our review team was very disappointed.

    Customer Support & How They Handle Communication

    Operators are not the most crucial part of review of PeachyEssay, but they still play a significant role. There is a chat option on the website. It works 24/7: students could drop a message any time and get a swift reply. We can’t say anything negative about these customer support representatives. They were cordial and helpful, and they answered our questions with enough detail to give us the info we needed. They are a vital part of this service.

    Peachy Essay Reviews, Policies, & Other Features

    Our review team doesn’t stop after testing quality. We cover other aspects to get a complete picture and share all insights with you. Take a look:

    • Policies. If you want to learn about confidentiality or revisions, you can do it right on the website. Policies are pretty straightforward and concise.
    • Reviews. There are many PeachyEssay.com reviews online, but they are fake as hell. You can see comments from alleged students who introduce themselves by using their first names on the company’s website. It’s not possible, considering how vital privacy is in such matters. Every student can’t choose this form of introduction. Reviews on independent platforms also don’t look real. We can’t say that 100% of them are fake, but many are, and that’s a big problem. Trustworthy services never use such dirty methods.
    • Website. PeachyEssay needs to improve its site ASAP. It has many mistakes everywhere, on every page, and in each article. Even policies are full of errors, which is an actual disaster. This ruins the first impression and proves that even managers of this company don’t care about how it comes across.
    • Free tools. A positive part of our Peachy Essay review is the tools. Students could use a plagiarism checker, read samples on the topic they need, or make their way through educational blog articles. All come entirely for free, and you might learn a thing or two. We appreciated this proof of care.
    • Plagiarism. Customers shouldn’t worry about plagiarism in this company. Managers check each work via plagiarism scanner — you could do the same. Their papers are unique.

    Let’s Sum Our Review Up

    Writing personal statement review or analyzing an agency is tricky because someone’s grade might depend on it. Being honest is vital, and alas, our experience with PeachyEssay was primarily negative. Most reviews of PeachyEssay were fake, the quality was terrible, and while operators worked hard to be informative, this didn’t help much. Our writer delivered their paper late, and revision didn’t change much. We give this agency 4 points out of 10, and we don’t recommend it. It needs to do a profound reimagining of its work approach.

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