PenDrago Review: A Write-up on a Very Viable Company

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Are you in need of assistance on an upcoming writing assignment? You may have seen the company PenDrago listed in your search rankings. That’s expected. They have become quite popular among college students for being a service that reliably provides great compositions and customer support. Still, we wanted to put them to the test. Here are the steps we took:

  • Obtained a completed college report to review for vocabulary, cogent arguments, use of valid resources, and factual accuracy.
  • Conducted a website analysis of PenDrago. Evaluated user experience, content, and navigation.
  • Communicated with the customer service team and writers.
  • Completed an online search, including reading of reviews and customer insights.
  • Compared prices with similar companies.
  • Read documents related to policies and guarantees.
  • Explored options for making payments, and the security of those.

We’ve done the work, and we can state that PenDrago is the real deal. They’ve definitely worked to gain their popularity. Now, for the rest of our PenDrago Review!

Pricing System

It’s pretty easy to figure out the prices here. They use the industry standard of charging per page. Writing is 17.56 per page. Editing costs 11.70. Proofreading is 9.96. These are a bit high but within the normal range. All in all, we think these prices are quite attractive considering overall quality. Customers may pay extra to get some special services and additional products.

Types of Services

One issue that many writing agencies face is that they try to serve too many customers. Rather than picking one thing and excelling at it, they attempt to reach every customer with every type of writing available. Fortunately, PenDrago has opted to stick with academics only. If you have never ordered these services, your choices will include lab reports, reviews, articles, presentations, essays, research papers, admissions papers, even dissertations. Be aware that we recommend reading best dissertation writing service review first, as this company is not well known for this type of writing. You may also request assistance with editing and proofreading.

Payment Options

We found that PenDrago allows customers to pay using standard payment options of debit and credit cards.  However, PayPal is not listed as an option so far. We would definitely love to see this added sooner than later. Of course, if this is their only shortcoming, that makes for a very good track record!


What are they willing to put in writing? If a service doesn’t put their guarantees in writing with a clear explanation of your recourse, then you cannot trust them. This is something you should expect of every online service that you use. We were happy to note that PenDrago has policy pages in place to address your pressing concerns.


We were happy to see that someone took a lot of time to create, write, and publish a detailed privacy policy. This document provides all the information one would want regarding how customer information is collected, how it is stored, the methods used to send data from one place to another, and the practices put in place to keep that information safe. Finally, the document details the rights and responsibilities that customers have as it applies to their personal and financial information.

Another area of data concern is payment processing. Here, payments are processed in a way that protects customer information from loss or exploitation.


If your writer doesn’t follow your instructions, or your paper is missing something, you may request a free revision. Just be sure to follow the guidelines for doing this. Send your request in a reasonable amount of time. Also, to get a free revision, you must show that the writer didn’t meet your requirements. Free revisions aren’t available simply because you change your mind.

Money Back

There may be instances where you can get a refund after placing an order on For example, you can get your money back if you cancel an order before work is done, they cannot find a writer to help you, or your paper is never sent to you. The same goes if they miss a deadline. There are also instances where you may be given a discount or credit, or you might receive a prorated refund.

Is PenDrago Legit?

The truth is that most academic consultancies meet the criteria for legal legitimacy. In other words, they are properly registered and do provide the products and services they promise. Most avoid doing things that are illegal or over the top in terms of ethics. We want to state that absolutely meets and exceeds these criteria for legitimacy.

However, they do much more than this. They go above and beyond by working to exceed these standards. It is clear they want to create and keep a base of loyal customers. Here are just a few of the ways that PenDrago truly does exceptional things.

Customer Service

Like many other companies, PenDrago has customer service staff online 24/7. H however, what really impressed us was speaking to their customers. We received lots of great insights about the capabilities, empathy, and professionalism demonstrated. It is clear that PenDrago trains their support staff well, then empowers them. They are truly the client’s ally in all cases. Their staff is friendly and professional. We can see that PenDrago has a great system in place for recruiting dedicated pros who care about students. Not only do the customer service agents prove this, but they also go above and beyond.

Writer Professionalism

After examining a paper we received, reading reviews, and interacting with students, it is clear to us that PenDrago is committed to hiring only the best writers. This shows in the papers they produce, the way that writers communicate with customers, and the insights we have gained from our own research.


Security is a top priority for anyone placing orders online, or sharing their information. It’s easy to see why. When we evaluate security, we start with the website. We look for pop-ups, broken links, attempts to download software without consent, etc. Another thing we consider is security of making payments. Fortunately, PenDrago has systems in place to ensure that customer financial data is safe. Finally, we only approve of companies that show that they respect a customer’s right to privacy. Pendrago has clear policies on this and provides students with a means to contact someone about data privacy concerns.

User Experience

When a company takes the time to create a great online experience, it shows they truly care about their customers. In addition to that, this tends to prove that the company has invested in its business. That’s a good sign of stability and professionalism. We are happy to state that PenDrago has presented a website that is modern, easy to navigate, and contains plenty of great content/


We wanted to take some time to identify the best features of Fortunately, we were able to come up with quite a few in short order. Here’s a list of the items that really stood out to us.

  • Obviously, writing is a huge plus here. It’s pretty much a winning bet that a paper you receive from a writer here will be spectacular.
  • Customer support is super helpful and knowledgeable. Even better, they can act to get things done.
  • When quality is considered, prices here are a tremendous value.
  • Data security protects both personal and financial data.
  • There are policies in place that truly work in the best interest of the customer.
  • com has been professionally designed for optimal user experience.
  • Plenty of native English speaking writers.
  • There are staff members here to handle any subject or grade level.
  • Big orders can be done with no interest financing.
  • The discounts are awesome!


We truly did have a lot of issues writing out negatives when it comes to Pendrago. Now, we aren’t saying they are perfect. It’s just that these issues are not deal-breakers. Still, here are some very minor things we would love to see changed at

  • How about some videos, blog posts, and other great content at PenDrago.
  • Students love flexible, modern payment options. Adding PayPal would be a great way for Pendrago to reach new customers.

To Sum Up

We can summarize our overall thoughts on PenDrago by saying this company exudes professionalism. They go to the next level at PenDrago among other paper writing websites to provide quality compositions, service, and experiences. Customers should visit if they are looking for online academic consulting.

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No price calculator, I have to provide my personal data to get a quote. Not comfortable at all


According to the quality of the work no claims, the text is written perfectly, everything is right, there are claims on terms. For those who need execution in time, I advise you to consider whether to contact this service.


What’s up with your anonymity, guys? The first thing my professor asked me when I handed in my paper was: “Did you write it yourself or did you order it?”

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