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Our PremierEssay Overview

This PremierEssay review is based on relevant details from verified and popular sources. Our first step in developing this review was to analyze We consider that the vendor’s website is the most legit source of information that shows us the real list of services and prices offered to customers. The site also includes samples and testimonials from clients. Our experience in creating reviews showed that writing companies usually offer the best samples to attract new clients and select positive feedback from past customers. Therefore, we wanted to check whether the information mentioned by the vendor is accurate. So, we checked the details mentioned in blog articles, social media, and community forums.

What did we find out? PremierEssay is a writing company that offers services for students, professionals, or business owners. Also, according to the customer’s feedback, the prices are budget-friendly and don’t exceed the market’s average. The customer support team treats each client in a professional manner and is permanently available for additional information. Besides, the payments are made through secure payment methods. We consider that these elements validate PremierEssay experience on the market and convinces clients to trust this vendor.

Price Range

As we already mentioned, PremierEssay keeps the prices in a fair range and follows the market trends. As many of its clients are students, the vendor knows that the only way to stay competitive on the market is by offering affordable fees. Another essential aspect is that it doesn’t have any hidden costs. Any client that enters can use the price calculator and create a simulation for the type of paper he/she wants to order.

We also did a simulation as we wanted to offer verified information to our readers. Therefore, we used the price calculator to check how much we would have to pay for an essay written for the high school level. Our deadline was 14 days. The calculator showed us that we would have to pay a price of $12.99 for one page. In comparison to the market’s average price, we can say that the vendor manages to offer affordable fees.

The prices can be more budget-friendly if the client knows how to use the discounts available on When a new client submits an order on the website, he/she will receive a welcome price reduction of 20%. This is a generous discount that not many writing companies can offer right now. Besides, company encourages clients to check the site constantly for special or seasonal discounts.

List of Services

Many students come to for academic writing services. The vendor works with professional writers who have at least a bachelor’s degree on different topics. Thus, they are able to deliver papers for high school, college, master, or doctorate level. Also, the company ensures a high content quality level by using an exigent selection process. Therefore, writers have to demonstrate that they have experience in the topics they want to write about. As a general rule, native English speakers are accepted to work with PremierEssay. However, a non-native writer who has a solid portfolio and can demonstrate with clear facts that he/she can write at a native level.

Students can order different services on the PremierEssay site. The writers can deliver essays on different topics, research papers, assignment service, coursework help, admission papers, or lab reports. Also, they can order proofreading and editing services. Professionals are another category of clients that use PremierEssay services. It also collaborates with writers who have an HR background and can deliver a convincing resume and cover letter.

Finally, business owners can successfully collaborate with PremierEssay to improve their website visibility. They can attract new leads with engaging and well-written content. Besides, entrepreneurs can order press releases, copywriting, or business presentation services.

Payment Methods

PremierEssay manages to protect its clients’ accounts by accepting only secure payment methods. It is essential for customers to feel safe when they send a payment for a writing order. Therefore, PremierEssay accepts payments with the following types of cards:

  • AMEX
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

WireTransfer is also a preferred payment method, especially by students. As PremierEssay targets students and wants to increase its number of clients, it accepts payments via this method as well.


We checked the available policies to understand what does PremierEssay do to protect its clients and writers. We discovered that it has solid refunds and revisions policies in place. This means that both parties know that they have rights, but they also have certain obligations when they use PremierEssay services.

Money-Back Guarantee

The refund policy is one of the first guidelines that any client checks when he/she decides to use a writing company. As this type of service is very subjective, customers feel the need to know that they can receive their money back in case something doesn’t go as planned. Therefore, the money-back guarantee policy clarifies some aspects when it comes to the cases when refunds can be awarded:

  • In case the client places an order on the website, but the company didn’t find a writer with appropriate experience to take care of it, then the customer can cancel the order and receive all money back.
  • If the company assigned a writer to start working on the order, but the customer revokes it right away, then he/she can receive a maximum of 70% of what he/she paid.
  • In case half of the deadline period is already gone, but the writer considers that he/she cannot continue with the order anymore, he/she can cancel it and receive only half of the money. The difference is kept by PremierEssay to compensate the writer for his/her efforts. This is a fair treatment that helps the company keep the writers motivated to take more orders in the future.

Also, PremierEssay mentions that its writers are committed to delivering the papers on time. However, such cases don’t always happen. In case the writer delays to deliver the content, the customer is entitled to ask for a refund. On the other hand, if the delay didn’t come from the writer’s fault, the client won’t receive any dollar back. Moreover, the support team will be in charge of evaluating each situation and make a fair decision for both parties.

Free Revisions

Any customer can ask for free revisions in the first 2 weeks since the writer delivered the paper. It is essential that the client keeps the same instructions when he/she asks for new revisions. As long as the client submits the request in the before-mentioned period and doesn’t add any additional requirements, the revisions will be done without extra costs. If any of these conditions are not respected, then the client will pay the fees corresponding to a new order.

Website Reliability

Our PremierEssay review was based on verified facts. Therefore, we entered and read each page to make sure that both the site and company are legit. We found a website with a professional look. We navigated easily from one page to another, and we didn’t have the feeling that the company is a scammer. Also, all payments are made through secure methods. This is another sign of the company’s reliability. If the website was not legit, PremierEssay couldn’t create such clear processes and offer reliable payment solutions. These aspects helped us conclude that the website is reliable.


We consider that clients should trust PremierEssay for the following reasons:

  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly website
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • The exigent selection process for writers
  • Money-back and revision policies


Even though we consider that PremierEssay is a legit company, we think they should do more on the following aspects:

  • More types of discounts would be appreciated

To Sum Up

PremierEssay manages to attract customers with friendly prices and generous discounts. Also, we consider that the list of services is diverse and manages to reach the needs of different categories of clients. Another aspect that convinced us is that the company has comprehensive policies that clarify the situations when customers can ask for refunds or free revisions. Clients trust this company because it offers secure payment methods. The professionally built website is another sign that this vendor is legit and puts efforts into satisfying its clients.

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