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We completed this ProEssayService review in the same way we do all our writing services reviews. We have a set of common criteria we use. This lets our readers compare the same features of all agencies and make the right choices for which ones to use for what they need. Our mission is to do the research, get the facts, put them all together in a neat package, and publish a detailed summary for all to read. This review of ProEssayService does just that.

The Struggle is Real

We get the struggles that high school and college students face. They need to get all of those assignments done and in on time. But they also want a life outside of school work – clubs, activities, and social lives. When they get overloaded, they need to find help from writing services, and that’s just where we come in. They need to find the best website for writing papers, essays, and all sorts of other academic assignments. This ProEssayService review might just point you in the right direction. Read on to learn all about this company and what it offers. Review of Products and Services

The first step in your decision is to know exactly what services a writing agency offers to its customers. If it doesn’t have what you need now or may want in the future, then you have to move on to another that does.

If you are a high school or college student, chances are ProEssayService offers most anything you will need:

  • Essays of all types on any topic
  • Term and research papers – any schooling level and any topic
  • Book, movie, and article reviews
  • Case studies and lab reports
  • STEM homework assignments
  • Research and graduate-level university projects, including theses and dissertations
  • Presentations
  • Essays for college and graduate school admissions
  • Editing and proofreading of student-crafted writing
  • Resume and CV writing when its time to find that first career position

It’s clear that, for academic writing needs, this service does it all.

Pro Essay Service Review of Prices and Payment

We have been in the business of reviewing writing services for a long time. And we are aware of what the pricing range is for agencies that are professional and produce high-quality products and services.

How does this company measure up?

In general, we can say that Pro Essay Service costs do fall within the average range but are at the high end of that range. A high school student who wants a basic essay and who can give a 14-day window for delivery will pay $12.99/page. Prices increase from there but are based on the three factors that professional agencies use – the student’s level of study, the specific type of product or service ordered, and the required delivery date.

Fortunately, customers can plug in their specifications and get a pretty accurate estimate of the price they are looking at. And the final, exact cost is calculated during the ordering process, so there will be no surprises.

Payment security is always a concern. If customers are using their bank cards, then they want to know that the information is secure. ProEssayService does what all reputable retailers do. It turns all of that payment processing over to a trusted, certified, and secure service that lots of major online companies use. No worries here. You can also use wire transfer if you prefer.

Now We Need to Look at Quality

When all is said and done, the only real measure of writing service is the quality it provides –the quality of the products, quality of customer support, and quality of policies and guarantees. Let’s unpack these three factors of quality as they relate to

Quality of Products – It’s All About the Writers and Editors

A writing service that takes the time and effort to find the very best writers will win out in the end. It will have happy customers who return for more. And this is just what ProEssayService does. It verifies degrees and writing experience. It tests its candidates. And it assigns orders based on writers’ degrees, degree levels, and fields of study. This is just the way the pros in this business do it.

There is a link on the Pro Essay Service home page that will take a visitor to information about its writers. There, the company speaks to its hiring process and provides profiles of its writers, along with the number of orders they have produced and customer reviews.

When qualified writers are used, quality is produced. The company goes beyond just that, though. It has an editing staff that goes over all produced writing to make sure that customer instructions have been followed, that resources are genuine, that grammar and composition are perfect, and that there is absolutely no plagiarism. When a customer receives his order, quality is not an issue.

Quality of Service – It’s All About Support and Communication

Pro Essay Service maintains a customer support department 24/7. We know this is true because we contacted them at odd hours by phone and live chat, asking lots of questions. We got good answers from friendly people.

We also ordered a short research paper to see how things went during the whole process. We got a secure account that we could use to check progress and to talk with our writer. And he did talk to us, twice, to ask for some clarifications. We also reached out to ask how things were coming along, and he responded quickly. We got our final product via this account, asked for two revisions, and got them almost immediately. We were impressed.

But this isn’t enough for us. We want to know what actual customers have to say.

ProEssayService Reviews from its Customers

This agency, like all others, publishes testimonials on its site. We don’t pay much attention. We want to find comments and feedback from other places because we know those will be honest and authentic. Here is what we found:

  • We already had some feedback on our site from our users, and we put out a call for more. We did get some additional comments, all of which were pretty positive. Some forwarded their products for us to look at.
  • We checked SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reddit for feedback. There were no reviews on the two consumer sites, but we did find a few conversations on Reddit from customers who were satisfied.
  • Pro Essay Service has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. We accessed those. While many of the posts relate to the company itself, there are a few conversations showing the responsiveness of the agency to its current and potential customers when they have questions or issues.
  • We were also a customer. When we got our short paper delivered, we poured over it, looking for anything we could criticize. In short, we will say that the paper was well-researched, had a solid thesis statement, a good flow of ideas, and reflected a formal academic writing style. Our plagiarism check showed 97% uniqueness. In all, it was a great little piece of writing.

In sum, we can say this: Pro Essay Service reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and customers are satisfied with their products.

What About Guarantees?

It’s important that writing services stand by their promises. In the case of Pro Essay Service, we did find this to be true.

First, the company has written policies that contain many guarantees – no plagiarism, free revisions, refund conditions, complete privacy and protection of customer identity, following customer instructions, meeting deadlines, and just a general dedication to customer satisfaction.

Is reliable? We can say yes to that.

And Benefits?

Again, we can yes to that. When students place their orders, they automatically receive some free pages – title, table of contents, and bibliography.

There are also discounts. A first-timer gets a 15% discount; returning customers get discounts that increase the more they return, and the company offers other specials throughout the year.

If students have used a writer they like, they can request that same writer. If not, the staff will choose one that is best qualified for the task. A student can also request a premium writer (one with more experience) for a fee.

There are other fee-based perks too – a one-page summary for larger pieces, second editing and proofreading (especially for major pieces, like theses and dissertations), for example. These are usually add-ons that graduate students may need.

Unlimited free revisions must also be seen as a benefit. If you are not satisfied with what you get, you just point out what is wrong and ask for changes to be made. One of the comments we often saw in reviews that we read was that customers could ask for and receive revisions quickly.

Is ProEssayService Legit?

If you have read this far, you probably already know our answer to this one.
We consider any online writing service legit if it takes orders, fills those orders, and delivers them back to customers. Given this definition, any writing service probably qualifies. What we must see, in order to give a good rating to any writing company, goes well beyond just legitimacy. We need to see all of the things we have addressed in the sections of this summary.

That’s a Wrap!

You now know everything we do about this company, and we hope our ProEssayService review has been helpful. In the end, we can say this: we are impressed with everything about this writing service, from its website to its writers, editors, and customer support staff, to the quality of what is produced, to its commitment to quality and satisfaction. We recommend it with a rating of 9.6 out of 10.

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The website is amazing. I had issues with my Psychology essay as I was not sure how to complete it and they found a professional in like 10 minutes and assigned them to my essay. Excellent job!


I was looking for such a quality service for a long time and found this company. Loved everything they did – from placing the order to receiving paper – the process was smooth and clear.


Satisfied by all 100%%. In the evening I set the task, the nextday I got the ready result. As quickly as possible. The styling was very much liked, the paper turned out fascinating. It is good to have someone to rely on at a difficult moment.


made orders on similar services,but the most liked this one, as others fail in terms, then the work is not done qualitatively, and here is always on time and the results are always pleasing.


The guys did their job responsibly, well done.

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