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We did this WritingUniverse review through the prism of being a student in need by checking it exactly the same way as you would when placing an order. Looking for reliable academic writing help, it is only natural to seek those writing companies that offer reliability while being affordable for an average college student. It makes it vital to explore various online testimonials and test each service in question to determine the best paper writing service and see whether they deliver as promised.

Speaking of reviews, we aim to provide a detailed overview of all the important aspects like price factor, meeting the deadlines, plagiarism, and accuracy. Since WritingUniverse has already been on our radar for some time because of a plethora of free writing samples, we believe it is worth checking to determine the final quality and analyze several unique features that it offers.

Writing Universe review

The Evaluation Criteria

As we composed our WritingUniverse review, we focused on the following aspects:

  • Presence of free samples.
  • Affordability and additional payments.
  • Privacy matters and payment options.
  • Revisions and refund options.
  • The writers.
  • Website navigation.
  • Unique style & plagiarism.
  • 24/7 Customer Service.

We also check for the presence of various online testimonials at Trustpilot and Sitejabber to determine the general picture. Still, even those reviews must be taken with a grain of salt, which is why the lion’s share of our review is based upon our personal experience of checking the company and placing an order with them. We have also checked several free essay samples for this WritingUniverse.com review in terms of grammar and originality.

About Free Essay Samples:

essay samples

The WritingUniverse offers one of the largest online databases of free essay samples that are neatly sorted according to academic subjects with a multitude of sub-categories that might be chosen according to university courses or the most popular subjects.

  • Navigation.

Speaking of navigation, you may choose the general free essay samples category or switch to essay samples by type, which will let you navigate through personal statement essays, evaluation, exploratory, or process essays among others.

writing samples

  • Access.

Essays can be checked free of charge, yet you are not allowed to copy anything for privacy matters. When clicking on the “Download” button, you must enter your email address to receive the preferred sample. It helps to reduce mass copying and reduces plagiarism risks to some extent. Still, these free essay samples that we have checked for this WritingUniverse.com review are meant as the starting point to boost one’s creativity.

  • Number of Categories.

You may access over 150 different subjects if you click on the general free essay samples section. Navigating towards the “Essay Types” section, there are 36 essay types, which is quite convenient when you want to sort several topics based on argumentative or reflective types.

  • Originality of Samples:

The included free samples that we have checked prove to be unique with the only mention being met at WritingUniverse.com, which is the website that we review.

samples plagiarism results

Only the first phrase from the checked paragraph poses certain concerns, yet being 97% unique is not so common in general for any service.

Taking things further for this review of WritingUniverse, we check two different samples to determine the final quality.

Sample 1:

Title: Monologue
Subject: Illness, Medicine, Mental Health.
Topic: Mental Disorder, Psychiatry, Suicide.

writinguniverse essay sample

This sample has 50% originality, which is not much of a concern in this case since it relates to the published content at the WritingUniverse website, which has been scanned by the plagiarism-detection tool.

essay plagiarism results

Concerning grammar and style, it has a good style and no major grammar mistakes or run-on sentences, which is why it’s considered a good quality sample. Is WritingUniverse trustworthy for essay structure examples and research templates? Absolutely, it is!

Sample 2:

Title: Truancy and Child Abuse Relationship.
Subject: Crime, Social Issues.
Topic: Child Abuse, Social Problems, Truancy.

writing universe essay sample

This free sample includes good sources in APA format and is mostly fine. It only requires basic editing of punctuation and has several minor mistakes. Concerning content quality, it is an original research paper that provides sufficient statistical data and structure. It has good grammar and style, which shows that an author knows the topic well and did proper research.

Quality of Samples: High.

Samples Summary

According to what we could discover while reading WritingUniverse.com reviews online, the free samples that they offer truly stand out and make them the best source of great writing templates. These are of high quality. Regardless if you need them for basic ideas or formatting examples, remember about staying away from plagiarism as these are only meant to help you write your paper, not copy it!

Types of Writing Services Offered Analysis

As always, you may request specific custom papers by placing an order with the company. Choose anything from argumentative essays and reflective journals to personal statement writing service and movie reviews. As we composed this review, our experience has been excellent as our Psychology paper has been delivered on time. It had zero plagiarism and had good sources that have made the paper sound credible. Our price has been affordable as well.

type of services

WritingUniverse charges $11.99 per page (275 words). There are some additional features that you can request, which means that you won’t get in a situation when they suddenly charge you more. This positive aspect has been mentioned in many Writing Universe reviews that we have discovered online. Some other benefits include:


Some additional services above will help to avoid plagiarism or receive additional expert proofreading that will assist you in checking the content’s quality and the use of special terms.

Writing Universe Review – Outstanding Features

Before we proceed further with this WritingUniverse review, you might be wondering about confidentiality and reliability.

Regarding available payment methods, you can choose between Visa and Mastercard, which is also good since these two are considered safe due to their third-party security algorithms. It is vital for a successful payment process as one gets past the pricing stage. Some additional important aspects to consider include the presence of free revisions, refunds, and a plethora of additional features that will help you guarantee that your final document will match your expectations. Some features worth being mentioned include:

  • Request a draft of your paper.
  • When concerned about originality, WritingUniverse offers a plagiarism report check.
  • Get matched with a perfect writer immediately when your urgent deadline is coming up.
  • Your paper can be delivered in as little as three hours.

Is WritingUniverse legit? Yes, it is legit and provides us with an American phone number and contact email. The company is also reachable on major social media platforms, which is also a sign of being legitimate. You might reach the company via their live chat if you click on their Contact Us section or hover your mouse over the tiny alien at the right bottom of the page.

Writing Guides offered by the WritingUniverse.

This website review would be incomplete if we would not mention the Essay Guide section, which offers helpful information on essay writing.


It will be of help for the majority of college learners who are looking for academic writing standards that are explained in simple terms. It is offered free of charge, which says a lot about the company’s attitude that has a genuine mission of helping students learn online.

Pros and Cons

The majority of what we have seen offered by this website has left only positive impressions because this writing service offers more free content than any other service recently reviewed. Essentially, no company would earn out trust if it would pose certain risks or have any dishonest practices. Writing this WritingUniverse review, we assure you that it is safe to use both for free essay samples and placing your order with the company.

Regarding negatives, we could not find any except for some minor punctuation issues in a sample that we have reviewed. It is nothing that some additional proofreading would not fix. The presence of an excellent essay writing guide and great navigation makes it easy to find information on a topic of interest and learn about proper formatting.

The order placement process is also logical with affordable prices and a list of special features that every university student will appreciate as they approach this service.

WritingUniverse Reviews & Our Verdict

Summing things up based on what we have read in various reviews of WritingUniverse and estimating our personal quality ratings, we give this service 9.8 out of 10 for their excellent quality of samples, a wide range of topics, affordable prices, zero plagiarism, and the presence of helpful academic writing guides. It can safely earn our recommendation as a safe service for college students who need to overcome writer’s block and get creative as they explore some topic.

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