Top 10 Plagiarism Checker Sites and Tools

Every student, high school and beyond, needs to find the best plagiarism checker for students. This goes for business content and other writers-for-publication too. Why? Because charges of plagiarism can result in failing grades, suspension (or worse), or, in the case of business writers, legal action. Some plagiarism is unintentional. In producing a research paper, students may miss a citation or put it in the wrong place. Content writers may do the same. And some very well-used expressions can also be flagged.

Let’s get down to business. We have reviewed lots of plagiarism detector sites and tools, digging deep into their services, costs, benefits, and customer satisfaction levels, Our goal has always been to find the best sites to check for originality and to pass that information on to our site website users, via review summaries. While our cascade of ratings may change as new tools become available, here are our current top picks.

Our process is to review information and services provided by each site or tool, to search for customer comments and feedback on the web, and then to download our own piece of content to see what results we get. We use the same piece of content for every site we review.


Here’s what we like about this tool.


  • First, there is no download required – it’s an online tool.
  • Second, it offers its services in six different languages
  • Third, it checks over 14 billion web pages and over 5 million databases from universities
  • Fourth, it is easy to use – just upload your content
  • Fifth, it checks for clarity and grammar and has a built-in proofreader (premium version only)
  • Sixth, it will make suggestions for changes in wording, grammar, etc., and the user can either accept or dismiss them.
  • Customer feedback states that the tool is reliable. Our “test” content supported this.

Based on our investigation, this is certainly a best free plagiarism checker for students. The premium version, though, offers much more for those who need a legit and reliable checker over a longer period of time and that offers many more features – college students and content writers, for example.


  • The premium version is $14.99/month. This could be a bit pricey for students on tight budgets
    Contact is solely via email


While this may be not as well-known as many other plagiarism checkers, we believe it is one of the best plagiarism checkers out there. The tool is based in the cloud, so no download is required to use it – just an internet connection.

First-time users can get a free demo by uploading or copying and pasting their text right on the home page and get quick results regarding originality and other issues – grammar, spelling, phrasing, and such – along with suggestions. If plagiarism is found, the tool will give the user the source of the original content, so that proper citation can be given. While it may not be the very best plagiarism checker for research papers, it certainly ranks right up there. We only found a couple of outside reviews of this site, but they were very favorable. And our “test” pointed out just what we wanted it to.


  • One of the largest arrays of language options we have seen
  • Pricing begins at $10/month for 100 “tests” with a 1,000-word limit per
  • “Clean-up” of text includes much more than just a plagiarism check, with suggestions for grammar improvement, clarity, proofreading for spelling and mechanics, and more


  • To use this tool, a student, teacher, or any other content writer must download “Guardia,” a tool to clean up one’s browser. While Guardia is a good, safe tool, not everyone will want it.


Here’s a piece of software that provides an accurate and detailed report on plagiarism. It offers plagiarism detection in English, Spanish, or German. First-time users can sign up for a free trial by registering on the site. We did so, in order to take advantage of this trial to perform a “test” on our piece of text. The company has been around since 2009 and has a reputation for great accuracy, using Yahoo’s BoSS-API as a scanner.

There are plans offered for individuals, schools, colleges, and businesses. The individual plan is based upon the number of pages per assignment and ranges from $1/1,000 words to $.50/1,000 words for longer assignments. Institutions and businesses are offered monthly subscription plans. A lot of customer reviews indicate they believe that this is the best plagiarism detector, especially because of its color-coding of results.


  • Side-by-side reporting with color-coded schematics
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable pricing


  • No grammar, structural, or clarity features with suggestions for change

Here are two screenshots from the free trial of our test content. Of course, it shows up as plagiarized but also gives the source of the original text as well as the color-coded results.

plagscan checker

plagscan plagiarism checker review


When we ask students individuals what they believe to be the best site to check plagiarism, Grammarly always comes up. Grammarly originally became well-known as a grammar checker, identifying and recommending fixes for writing that was awkward, grammatically incorrect, or that had other errors in tone or style.

Eventually, students and others discovered how easy this site’s tester for plagiarism is to use. And it is perhaps the best plagiarism checker and proofreader to be found that operates for free. Anyone can upload or past their documents into the plagiarism checker tool and, within less than a minute, receive a plagiarism report. Of course, there are premium versions of Grammarly, and, when used for originality proofs, you will have the sources from which your plagiarized content came so that you can insert the proper citations.


  • Basic check is free
  • Easy to use
  • Includes identification of writing issues, even with the free version
  • Premium version is reasonable, based on monthly or annual subscriptions


  • You will have to sign-up for the premium version to get the details on the plagiarized content and the sources from which it came.
  • It only performs its tasks in English

Here is an example of our text as evaluated by Grammarly for tone, style, grammar, and mechanics:

grammarly plagiarism review

And here is the report on originality

grammarly tool review


This is actually a total resource website for students – everything from help finding a tutor, to access to libraries and databases, and more. The Bartleby Write component is a type of “writing center” where students can improve their writing skills. And a part of that center is a reliable plagiarism checker. If students want a paper reviewed for originality, they must purchase an entire package that includes a grammar review and edit as well. The basic price is $19.99 for this function with a maximum of five double-spaced pages per review. This is pricey but probably a good option for higher-level college and grad students.


  • Very thorough and accurate
  • Combination of human and machine reviews
  • Great resource for college and grad school students


  • Quite pricey
  • Can’t separate out just a plagiarism check from other review features.


This is one of the best plagiarism checkers we have found, but it is not free. It has so many features, though, that you may want to consider just the basic plan for $10/month. It works with any file form, users just copy/paste their text, and it uses the latest machine technology to pour through billions of web pages, checking for plagiarism, pointing it out, and providing the original sources of the flagged content. Results are given in a percentage of originality. Seven languages are supported.


  • Latest technology will catch plagiarism, paraphrasing that is too close, and reveal the sources
  • All presented content is fully trashed so the check will never be revealed
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Nothing is free. At a minimum, a user will have to subscribe to the basic $10/month plan
  • No free trial or “testing”


Here is a top free plagiarism checker which will really check your text for free. In fact, we uploaded our test document, waited in line (we were 4th) and then Plagramme’s scanners went to work, with these results:

plagramme tool review

One of the top features of this great tool is that there is no word limit for a document, something students with long research work really appreciate. The similarity score in this example shows the “highest” risk of plagiarism, which, of course, we expected.

Once the free scan is complete, a user can purchase a full report which will show the sources from which the plagiarized content has come, so that it can be fixed. Other options for checking content also come with fees, specifically proofreading, editing, and plagiarism removal. Users will receive a price quote for these services. To use Plagramme, students, journalists, authors, teachers must register with their emails and a password and receive an account. It’s as simple as that.


  • No word limit on documents
  • Pay-as-you-go plan – pay only for what you want for each document
  • 129 languages supported
  • Scans billions of websites and millions of databases/archives


  • Free version provides no details


This is a website with a variety of offerings to those content writers who are interested in search engine optimization. But one of its offerings is a top plagiarism checker, which is highly popular with students and other authors as well. Checking for originality is easy by simply pasting your content in the field, downloading a specific web browser, and then clicking the start button. Users will get a basic report identifying any plagiarism issues.

This website offers many more features than a plagiarism check. It will provide grammar checks too. Prices are subscription-based and begin at $9.80/month. Customers will receive deeper results, including sources of plagiarized content, full explanations or grammar errors with recommendations for improvement, etc. What makes this one of the best sites to check for plagiarism? It’s machine-based tools and algorithms that comb through the web for even minor issues.


  • Plagiarism checker is thorough and accurate
  • Users can choose among various price plans
  • Outside reviews are positive


  • Download of a new web browser is required
  • Pricing at the high-end plans is above average


The unique feature that makes Unicheck plagiarism checker best known for and popular is the fact that there is a Google Docs add-on so that a check for plagiarism can occur in real-time, while the user is actually writing. This saves a lot of time for students and businesses. And, this tool supports languages in over 90 countries.

As a part of its anti-revelation measures, to protect privacy and security, this site has its own private cloud. And support is available around the clock, via chat, email, and phone. In all, it’s a highly professional approach to providing a secure and safe environment for all users. Pricing is flexible and is based on a per-page amount and the type of account that has been registered – personal, business, etc.


  • Allows bulk uploads of multiple documents
  • Fast turnaround
  • Google Docs Add-on


  • No free option
  • Pricey – 100 pages is $15.00, even with a discount


This is a site that offers a wide array of services, which makes it one of our best plagiarism checker free online choices. Not only is there a plagiarism checker but also tools for paraphrasing, re-writing, and a grammar checker. Much of these tools are free with registration and the download of a new web browser. To avoid the web browser download, users can opt for one of the monthly subscription plans. The basic plan begins at $10 with up to 5,000 queries per month, along with some other benefits too, and that is probably a good one for students (it includes a deep check).


  • Fast and accurate, using the latest machine technology
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Supports 13 languages


  • Browser download required for free plagiarism finder

We hope that these plagiarism checker reviews have given you insights into some of what we believe to be the best to use. From this list, you should be able to find a site, software program, and/or tool to check your written work before submitting it to an instructor or for publication.

How to Choose the Best Website to Check Originality

The best website or tool for you may not be the best for someone else. Everyone’s needs vary. As you read through these short reviews, visit the websites and read all of the details., with an eye to the following:

What is your current need, but also what future needs will you have? Especially if you are going to enroll in a subscription-based plan, you will want to ensure that you can use it for all of your needs.

What are your budget parameters? An individual student will not have as much flexibility as a freelancer or business writer and will thus need to find the best plagiarism checker free online. There are several on this list.

What types of plagiarism checks do you need? A high school student who is writing basic essays and short research papers will need a checker that will comb through every database of academic writings. A grad student producing a thesis or dissertation, on the other hand, will need a deeper check through scholarly research and writing that exists in university databases and archives, as well as journal publications and such.

Do you need more than just a plagiarism check? Many resources on our list provide grammar, structure, clarity, and other checks as well. If you worry about your formal academic writing skills, then you will want these extra services. Barring that, you can always contract with the best college essay writing service that will not only produce a perfect piece of writing but will also check it for plagiarism before it is delivered to you.

Read a Full Plagiarism Checker Review Before You Make a Decision

Plagiarism is serious stuff. If students engage in it, either intentionally or unintentionally, they can be subject to serious consequences, even as severe as suspension or expulsion. If content writers publish plagiarized material, they can be subject to legal action, penalties, and fines. Both need a professional, reliable, and reputable source for plagiarism checks that will serve their needs.

Be a Plagiarism Avoider!

At all costs, you must avoid ever submitting or publishing any writing that is not yours without giving proper credit to its source. This includes visual content as well. A chart, graph, or photo that belongs to someone else must be credited to that person or organization. If you are in doubt at all, find the best plagiarism checker software possible and get it evaluated.


Loader image

Any on the list above that have a free option will be reliable. It is a question of what is the best for your needs? The free versions will not dig as deep as you may want if your content is complex.

There is no one answer to this. It depends upon the level of teaching. Middle and high school teachers do not need the deep plagiarism check that university instructors may need. Teachers need to choose checkers that fit the types of assignments their students must complete.

A lot of educational institutions use Turnitin and even require their students to use this scanner before they submit an assignment. Students can use other tools and software that will trash what they have submitted so that Turnitin will not find that it has been up on the web before.

The answer varies depending on several factors. What academic level is the student? What type of written assignment is the student checking? The level of checker need really depends upon these factors. A high school basic essay will not need the level of check that a Ph.D. dissertation will.

This will depend on your need. Some free best plagiarism software will provide only a percentage of originality without identifying where the originality is or the sources from which the plagiarism came. Others will provide more. Determine what you need and choose one that meets it.

You don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest. If you are a grad student writing a major project, then look carefully at what you will get for your money. If you are a high school student, you can probably go with a cheaper one.

Of course! Most of the checkers on the list above have a free version. Just be certain that the free version gives you all of the information you need, especially if fraud is detected. In that case, you may have to pay to find out where the plagiarism lies and the sources from which it has come.