Write My Paper for Me: How to Get Quality Help and Avoid Scammers

“Can someone write my paper, please?” How many times have you heard your fellow students say this? And how many times have you said this yourself? We hear it too, all the time.  And we certainly understand how students get into this fix. Here is what they say to us:

  • Please, write my paper – I have two others to write and can’t do them all
  • Can someone write my paper for me? I have to work too many hours this week.
  • Can you write my English paper for me? I’m a physics major with two exams coming up, and they are more important
  • I need someone to help me write my paper – my daughter is in the hospital, and I need to be there, not at my computer doing research

These are just a few of the most common reasons why students look for paper writers. You may fit into one of these situations, or you may have other reasons – you have procrastinated, and things have just caught up with you now; you got a little carried away with your social life the past month or so and are now under the gun; maybe you took many tough classes this semester and just can’t keep up.

Whatever your reason, you need help, especially if you have multiple papers due very close together.

So, where do you go to find someone write my paper for me? Here is where you don’t go:

  • You don’t go online and look for databases of free or cheap papers. They’re out there, for sure. Despite the sophisticated software that will detect plagiarism almost instantly, there are still students who think they can buy a paper and re-write it enough so that it will not be discovered. What happens in most cases is they do get caught, and the consequences can be anything from a zero to school expulsion. Now, there is a possible purpose for buying a cheap paper, especially if it is well-written and the resources current. Looking at a good example of a paper you need to write will give you a good idea of how to structure your own paper and some good resources to use.
  • Don’t go to Craigs List. Paper writers do advertise on this site, and you can also post an ad to “write my paper for money” the problem is this: you are not only buying a paper from a complete stranger; you have very little way to check the writer’s background and success rate; you risk getting a really poor product and then no recourse when you are unhappy. You have coughed up money and now have nothing you can turn in.

Where Do I Go to Find Someone to Write My Paper for Me?

Before we get into specifics, we recommend that you think about whether you want a short-term “fix,” that is, just this one paper this one time? Or do you think that, over the course of your school career, you will need other papers written? This decision may influence where you look.

  • Suppose you are a history major, and you have a required biology course and a paper due. You might look for a student who is skilled in biology, perhaps a major, who has the time to write that paper for you. And if you are a good writer, you might offer to do the same. This option will take some careful planning, usually at the beginning of a semester, so that both of you have plenty of time to get those papers done along with your other coursework assignments
  • You can also just look for students that write papers for money, sort of their part-time job. While you might rather have a root canal than write a paper, these students actually enjoy it and can be quite good. Again, you better make your plans for this at the beginning of a semester, once you have looked at your syllabi and decided on papers you don’t want to write yourself. You may have to find more than one student because some of them specialize in specific content areas, and there will be no urgent or last-minute help.
  • You can check out freelancers (not on Craigs List) who market themselves as academic writers. Very few sit out there on their own. They register on freelancer websites, sometimes several of them. If you Google “freelance academic writers,” you will find the major websites that market to people needing all kinds of freelance work (e.g., Upwork), but you will also find sites that specialize specifically in academic writing. You will need to post your requirements and be sure to specify the topic field because many of these writers do specialize in specific academic areas. You then wait for the bids to come in and try to make a good decision from among them.

These options are what we call “short-term.” You are looking for a very specific writer in a very specific niche, for a single paper you need written right now.

But what if you know that you will need paper writing help for the long-term and maybe in different courses? You’re going to need a more permanent solution – someplace you can go whenever you need someone to “write my paper for me,” possibly on short notice. For this solution, you will need to find an academic writing service that has a large cadre of writers, and that can take on any type of paper order and get it produced according to your instructions.

How Do I Find a Good Service to Write My College Paper for Me? 

You may or may not know that the academic writing service industry has just exploded over the past 20 years. This was predictable. As buying pre-written papers became too risky, some enterprising people saw the need for original, customized writing that would offer students a better option, as well as access from anywhere in the world. With any device, students could not simply access a writing website and say “write my paper online,” and have an easy way of taking delivery on the finished piece – either through download or email.

Unfortunately, quality and service among these thousands of companies are not equal, and it takes a skilled person to figure out who is offering quality and who may not be. And unfortunately, doing the research it takes to figure this out takes a lot of time and digging. So, you have to decide how much time you can spend looking at even just some of these companies. We can give you a few things to look for:

  • Never go with a company whose website content is not written in perfect English. After all, if they promise you a perfectly written piece, how come their own website isn’t well-written? Probably a company owned by foreigners not using native English-speaking writers.
  • Watch out for a company that will not let you communicate with your writer. What is the fear here? It could be that it is using low-quality writers and doesn’t want them revealing that their English is poor. The bad companies often hire poor foreign students to lift pre-written papers from somewhere else and try to re-design them to pass a plagiarism test. This seldom works out well.
  • Be very suspicious of a company that offers prices that are too good to believe. Again, if they are using qualified writers, they have to charge you enough to pay your writer a good wage. And qualified writers have options to go to higher-paying agencies.
  • There should be written policies and guarantees, but this doesn’t mean that a company honors these. The only way to do that is to find feedback from actual customers. You will find testimonials on all of these agency websites, but there is no way to know if these customers actually exist. You will have to do some online research – search on social media platforms, Google the company name, check out some of the major consumer review sites.

As you can see, you are in for some time-consuming work here. More on that in a minute.

How Do I Find Someone to Write My Paper for Me Cheap?

We all understand the budget challenges that students have. But if your top goal is only to get someone to “write my paper for cheap,” then your priorities are wrong here. Your top goal must be quality because that is how you get a good grade. If you have to re-arrange your budget, then do so – a few less beer and pizza nights, clothing from resale shops if necessary, etc. When you only want companies that will “write my papers for cheap,” you will end up with cheap quality too.

How Much Should I Pay to Write My Paper?

If you have researched enough writing services, you will see that many fall within a price range that sees “normal.” Usually, for college level papers, this will run around $15.00 per page, if you give a reasonable amount of time for production. If your deadline is urgent, though, expect to pay more. Any company that is offering a lot less will not be using good writers. Don’t trust them. 

Then Who Can Write My Paper for Me?

This is how we can help you with that and much more. Years ago, when we launched our website, we had a single mission – to help students be successful in school. Obviously, academic success was, and still is our main focus. We set about to take on the writing service industry and to do deep research on their quality and reliability. The goal has always been to find the good companies that we can recommend to our users and to point out the bad ones that students should avoid. We rate companies in lots of categories and also offer a written summary that gives more detail. Any student can access these reviews.

They can also access our blog – a treasure trove of articles about better writing and lots of personal challenges that students face in their school lives. You will get valuable tips and strategies.